Amazon Weekly Digest – 12/31/2018


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Your Amazon Weekly Digest

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As a continuation of last week’s digest, we explore how to read Amazon PPC metrics, Search Engine Land’s new guide on PPC changes that will have the biggest impact on advertisers in 2019, Amazon’s third annual Digital Day, and more.

But, before we get to this week’s news, we made a video combining all the biggest Amazon PPC news stories in one video.

December 2018 Amazon Advertising News

Advertisers are spending more during the holidays and it is intense. It’s because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest sales day of the year for Amazon sellers. Watch to find out more about the trends in Amazon selling this season.

Amazon PPC Advertising Stats

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Our 5th podcast episode is here! Brett and Michael are back at it discussing Amazon PPC metrics and what they mean to Amazon sellers. Amazon throws a lot of metrics at sellers, we dissect averages for these metrics to help you know what to look for when looking at your data.

We also just released our 6th podcast episode, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Sponsored Products! In this episode, Mike and Brett map out everything you need to know to optimize your sponsored product campaigns!

These Changes Will Have the Biggest Impact on Advertisers in 2019

Image: Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land wrote an extremely valuable guide for advertisers on what to expect from PPC ads in 2019. Features like responsive search ads, artificial intelligence, automated management and more are predicted to break through in 2019. Don’t fall behind!

Amazon’s Digital Day Sale Discounts eBooks, Comics, Software, Movies, and More

Image: The Verge

What do you know, another huge Amazon sales day? The third annual Digital Day sale provides discounts on digital content. The sales is geared for those who bought a Kindle, iPad, or tablet over the holidays to fill their content needs. Also, the sale is today (12/28).

Amazon Announces a Record-Breaking Holiday, ‘Tens of Millions’ of New Prime Subscribers

Image: TechCrunch

Of course, the holidays wouldn’t be complete without Amazon breaking another record. The eCommerce company announced “tens of millions of customers” signed up for Amazon Prime on a trial and paid basis. Read more about how Amazon did during this holiday season here.

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