Amazon Weekly Digest – 1/25/2018

Amazon Weekly Digest – 1/25/2018

What’s up Badger Nation? This is your host, The Badger, providing you with the top Amazon news this week.

Your Amazon Weekly Digest

As a continuation of our last Amazon digest, we explore Amazon’s new targeted product sampling, the adoption of a new MRC viewability standard, Amazon’s lucrative influencer program, Gene Munster weighs in on Amazon acquiring Walmart and whole foods, and more.

Amazon’s Latest Ad Test: Targeted Product Sampling


Image: Amazon

Marketing Land reports Amazon is in the early stages of a Product Sampling Program. Though the product sampling isn’t available on the ad platform yet, Amazon has been recruiting employees for the program. Currently, a job description says, “The technology team builds the core systems to automate and track sampling campaigns — and ultimately enable self-service.” The program will be tasked with driving product adoption using machine learning with Amazon’s treasure trove of data. The Badger loves data.

​​​Introducing Media Rating Council’s viewability standard in attribution​​​


Image: Shutterstock

Amazon has adopted the Media Rating Council’s (MRC) viewability standard for view-through conversion attribution. Campaign results will now be more straightforward and improve seller experience. Read more here.

Here’s How Much $ Creators Can Make Via Amazon’s Influencer Program (Report)


Image: Tube Filter

Amazon is offering lucrative incentives to Amazon influencers who choose to favor Amazon’s own products. Amazon influencers include Mark Cuban and iJustine, but Business Insider said a number of micro-influencers have been onboarded in the recent months. Read more to find out the commission for specific Amazon products. I wonder if they let Badgers be Amazon influencers?

Gene Munster Weighs In: Could Amazon Ever Acquire Walmart And What’s Next For Whole Foods


Image: Forbes

Here’s more Amazon gossip. Amazon’s acquisitions have been aggressive so far, but what else is in store for the eCommerce dinosaur? Gene Munster and Forbes’ contributor Brittain Ladd weigh in.

Spotify’s Increased Focus on Podcasts in 2019 Includes Selling Its Own Ads


Image: Tech Crunch

Being the top streaming service is hard work. Spotify’s hard work prioritizing podcasts in 2018 has led them to dabble in podcast ad sales.

Report: Amazon to double down on gaming with a new streaming service



Image: Tech Crunch

Attention gamers. Amazon is developing its own game streaming service and plans to launch next year (2020).