State of the App: New Table Designs, A More Custom Experience

State of the App: New Table Designs, A More Custom Experience

Since our last Ad Badger app update, we are rolling out new table designs by the end of September to create a more customizable in-app experience for our users. These new features make it easy for Badgers to navigate their account, quickly change the name of their campaigns and bidding, and select dates to look at data.

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We present A new ad badger platform

We’ve always promised we’d invest everything back into the app to make it a better experience for our users. Now they can advertise, not only in the most powerful app, but one that’s easy on the eye. Our design and development team has been foraging for the perfect solution to add stability and bring a new design for better user experience. They finally cracked it. Ad Badger now is more powerful and beautiful than ever before.  

Sift Through Metrics with Customizable Date Selectors

We are going to have customizable date selectors! Currently users can only select fixed dates like last 14 days, last 28, etc. Now they will be able to pick whatever dates they want.

And of course, we’ll have the pre-built “without the last 2 days” factored in so users can always account for the 2-day conversion delay Amazon leaves us with.

A GIF of Ad Badger's new date selector

Easily Change your campaigns with In-Row Editing

For a much better user experience and readability, we’ve added much-needed in-row editing. 

Now you can select all rows, or one row at a time. From there, you’ll be able to perform actions on each selected row.

In-Row Editing

You Can Now Sort Columns Easier

Ad Badger users are now able to sort campaigns greatest to least and in ABC order. This adds to better functionality and readability in the app. 

GIF of sortable columns in Ad Badger app

If you would like to see more of the app sign up for our 30-day free trial. If you have suggestions please let us know through our chat button at the bottom right in the site. 

Got to get back to the workshop and continue to improve the app!