Update: Ad Badger’s 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Ad Badger’s 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s Michael again. As the CEO, it’s important to set goals for Ad Badger. We set some New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year. Now that we’re a third of the way into 2018, let’s check our progress on these resolutions.

Delegate and Automate

We are changing the future of online advertising here at Ad Badger. We’re helping Amazon sellers and agencies realize the importance of PPC campaigns and increase their visibility on top of providing insights on PPC trends and data. Ad Badger is constantly getting stronger and improving.

In our original New Year’s Resolutions post, we wanted to highlight focusing on the essentials. So far in 2018, we narrowed down the features of our app to make it stronger and more stable. After countless hours our developers have put in to try to make Ad Badger perfect, we can finally say the app is the strongest it’s ever been. We went back to our roots and strengthened our platform’s core functions so customers can delegate and automate more efficiently and without downtime.

Relentlessly Educate

Our blog is the epicenter of Amazon PPC education. We pride ourselves on taking time to educate our customers and Amazon PPC professionals. The Badger Burrow looks up to great content companies like Moz, Intercom, and Yoast to be one of the best Amazon PPC blogs available. That’s one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

So far, we’ve covered everything from calculating the perfect bid to enhanced brand content to fighting negative reviews to the difference between Amazon and Google ads.

Play Video

The Badger Burrow is always committed to bringing new posts weekly and continuing to keep up with what our audience needs information on. 

Unleash Our Techie Side

In 2018, we’ve capitalized on our love for technology by improving our app. We now have Settings 2.0, that includes multi-store and multi-account support, team accounts, improvements to the bid optimizer, and a monster bid cap.

We will periodically have a series called “State of the App” to address the product updates we’re implementing. Because this affects our users directly, we want to update early and often to increase transparency.

Ad Badger Features
Out of those who voted, multi-store support was the most hyped up feature.

Regarding what’s next, we’re working on improving our onboarding training to be lighter and zippier to get new customers to start optimizing their Amazon ads as soon as possible. We also will begin supporting international clients.

Build Relationships

We love talking to our customers and agencies to see how Ad Badger has improved their lives and ad performance.

If you haven’t seen already our new agency page, it’s centered around continuing to establish relationships with Amazon PPC managers. I’ve offered up a product demo with me to show first hand how Ad Badger can help businesses scale faster with fewer employees. It gives an opportunity for agencies to talk one-on-one and provide them insight on our platform and our perspective on Amazon PPC.

Our Amazon PPC Discussion Facebook group is now hovering around 100 members. This may seem minuscule in the grand scheme of Facebook groups, but not to us. The Facebook group is extremely important to us in order to communicate with our users and provide them groundbreaking Amazon news and discuss how they’re approaching advertising. By engaging in community forums, we’ve gotten a better sense of what our customers are interested in and what they are looking for in an automation tool.

Lastly, our network of contributors is forever growing and something we cherish as we’ve had some great contributed posts this year. I also want to note, we’re always looking for more. It’s important for our readers to hear from someone who isn’t the Badger every once in a while. Sorry, Badger.

Hope You’re Having A Great Year!

The weather in Austin has drastically improved in Austin since January. It’s always cliche to say, but we’re looking to continue to grow in the Spring and enter Summer even stronger.

As Amazon’s advertising platform continues to disrupt, Google’s and Facebook’s and grow 60% year-over-year, Ad Badger will be right there with Amazon sellers.

Until next time!

Fantastic! Your special Facebook Group invitation is on its way to your inbox. We can’t wait to see you in The Badger Den.

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