How Do I Make The Most of Amazon’s New Broad Match Update? [The PPC Den Podcast]

How Do I Make The Most Of Amazon’s New Broad Match Update?


In this episode, Michael and Alfredo discuss the recent changes to Amazon’s broad match type and provide valuable advice on how to adapt to your PPC strategies. From understanding why Amazon made the changes, to learning how to get the most out of its new broad match settings, this episode dives deep into the topic and offers expert insight to help you maximize your campaigns.

Tune in and make the most out of Amazon’s new update!

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Episode Highlights

  • 00:00  Broad match update
  • 01:15 Intro
  • 03:53 Effect of the update  on sponsored products
  • 05: 54 Changes to broad match keywords 
  • 09:10  Breakdown of match types
  • 11:06 Modified broad match and negative keywords
  • 14:19 New broad match for sponsored products
  • 16:31 Benefits of using broad match keywords
  • 21:09 How to optimize broad match keywords
  • 25:02 How to strategize targeting keywords  with broad match
  • 26:26 Summary: broad and modified broad on sponsored products
  • 27:59  Outro

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