How Should I Analyze My Data for my Amazon PPC Campaign?  [The PPC Den Podcast]

How Should I Analyze My Data For My Amazon PPC Campaign


Ad Badger CTO Nick Isber sits down with Michael to talk about all things data in regards to your Amazon PPC Campaign. They delve into Amazon’s data delays, how to analyze your keyword numbers, how AI affects campaigns, and more!

We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 What to expect in this episode
  • 3:30 The Standard Model of Particle Physics
  • 6:12 What Is It Like To Optimize Daily?
  • 10:30 Analyzing Your Keyword Numbers
  • 13:30 No Orders From A Mathematical Perspective
  • 17:26 Why Keyword Research Matters
  • 19:47 Why Do We Have A Data Delay?
  • 29:36 Diagnosing A Data Delay
  • 34:15 Thinking About The AI Boom
  • 39:50 Learn More About Ad Badger’s Software Tool

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