What Do I Do When My Amazon PPC Has Hit The Point of Diminishing Returns? [The PPC Den Podcast]


If you’re already #1, what can you do to reduce your  budget without reducing Amazon PPC sales? Can you reduce spending on keywords? What can you learn from the organic landscape to reduce ad exposure when your products are doing well organically? How can you lay off the gas without sabotaging your Amazon PPC? Brent Zahradnik of AMZ Pathfinder and Michael explain strategy and techniques using Brand Analytics and SQPD. 

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Make vocal requests to your Amazon rep
  • 4:36 Most common ways of reducing Amazon PPC budget
  • 8:14 Can I reduce spending without losing sales?
  • 12:00 Is “cannibalization” solvable?
  • 19:30 How to make small bid changes
  • 21:27 An evolution in strategy
  • 24:15 Mike’s favorite strategy: SQPD
  • 25:33 Why this is important & exciting

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