How Do I Structure Amazon Campaign Names? [The PPC Den Podcast]


Is your brain as good as your computer? Probably not. Therefore, you must improve your Amazon campaign names for utility. This episode details the three levels of excellence you can achieve with extra emphasis on how to rename your campaigns in bulk. Brent Zahradnik of AMZ Pathfinder shares strategy and actionable tips in this episode of The PPC Den Podcast.

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Office feng shui
  • 1:27 Campaign Naming Structure 
  • 4:20 Why is campaign naming structure important?
  • 8:43 Good campaign naming structure looks like…
  • 12:48 What goes into the naming structure?
  • 13:28 Level 1: Ability to quickly scan (identification)
  • 20:23 Level 2: Match types & more
  • 22:30 Level 3: Integrate business objectives
  • 26:38 More wisdom and tips on campaign naming
  • 28:49 Bulk update campaign names
  • 38:07 Final tip: Be forward-thinking.

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