Why and How to Use New Bulk Sheet Features in Amazon Ads [PPC Den Podcast]


Amazon recently improved the features and capabilities of bulksheets, or bulk files, and we won’t lie: it’s great. If you enjoy listening to podcasts about spreadsheets, you’ll love hearing Michael and Brent Zahradnik, of AMZ Pathfinder, dissect what makes this update hum, including its new columns, new metrics, new renaming capabilities, and more.

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Intro– Paris mornings
  • 3:20 Big principles about bulk files
  • 09:24 What are the updates with bulk files?
  • 14:03 New to bulk files metrics
  • 17:30 Best upgrade to bulk files: renaming abilities
  • 19:26 Bulk file format upgrade
  • 20:15 New sponsored display columns
  • 22:38 Neater error solutions
  • 24:14 Action steps for bulk files
  • 25:50 Final thoughts: Bulk files 2.0

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Podcast Credits

Thank you to our team for putting together this episode!

  • Host and Executive Producer: Michael Erickson Facchin
  • Senior Producer: Nancy Lili Gonzalez
  • Video and Audio Editor: Pedro Moreno 
  • Graphic Designer: Emma Walker

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