Our 2022 Amazon PPC Wishlist: 22 Tools and Features [PPC Den Podcast # 154]

Our 2022 Amazon PPC Wishlist: 22 Tools And Features


Brent Zahradnik from AMZ Pathfinder joins Michael this week to create our annual end-of-year Amazon PPC wishlist. We hope you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the tools Amazon Advertising currently offers while we explain some of the tools and features we wish Amazon will offer in the year to come. 

This is a time of hope because new things will definitely come in 2022. Like we always say, Amazon PPC is ever-evolving, just like Pokemon.

Happy New Year, and we’ll see you in The PPC Den!

The 22 Tools and Features We Wish Amazon Advertising Will Give Us in 2022

  1. More control over retargeting. 
  2. Cheaper top of funnel traffic.
  3. Per Keyword Placement Bid Settings and Per Keyword Placement Settings.
  4. Easier to access competitive metrics (like brand metrics to start).
  5. Better data for top of funnel to bottom of funnel (like a click path).
  6. Visibility into what products are not being spent against per different camp types.
  7. Conversion rate as a key metric, visible everywhere. 
  8. Integration with organic metrics and ad metrics (and vice versa).
  9. Ability to see which product is purchased and clicked on in SB ads.
  10. Seeing off-Amazon PPC traffic more clearly.
  11. Negative placement settings and rest of search setting.
  12. Spend & Orders more up to date.
  13. Budget rules that reduce budget.
  14. Knowing exact time a campaign runs out of budget.
  15. Allocation of budget at daily level feature for portfolios.
  16. Signing into different country’s marketplaces with ease.
  17. Bulk renaming built into Advertising Console.
  18. Shared list for negative keywords. Able to select upon campaign creation.
  19. Ability to remove myself from accounts.
  20. Better interface reliability.
  21. Better self-refreshing when you download a report or bulk file.
  22. Stop giving us sneaky recommendations just to increase clicks! Acknowledge giving us more data on click path OR stop recommending looser targeting as much.

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Intro– 2022 Amazon PPC Wishlist
  • 2:34 Optimization Tools
  • 11:00 Reporting Tools
  • 26:57 Budget and Money
  • 31:15 Quality of Life
  • 40:27 Amazon future predicting!
  • 43:30 Outro – Personal resolution

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