[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 52] Ramping Up For Cyber Monday and Black Friday With Data-Driven PPC Strategies

Ramping Up For Cyber Monday And Black Friday With Data-Driven PPC Strategies


Clarification From Mike: I wanted to thank Abe, and Amazon PPC Professional and friend of the show from XP Strategy for helping with a clarification on this episode. 

The Average ACOS is ~30% based on our data. This means there are many accounts above and below this, as well as many accounts right around 30%. I’ve seen other PPC Tools publish data sets that align with that 30% figure.  On this episode, I’ll mention some “normal ACOS” days of 40%. While that was the ACOS at the time, we had a much smaller data set than we do now, as well as a spike in smaller higher-ACOS accounts. Worth mentioning: Average VS Mode.

Thanks Abe for the note and your listens – and thanks for making the Amazon PPC Community even sharper with the help of your clarification!

Ramping Up For Cyber Monday and Black Friday With Data-Driven PPC Strategies

The holiday season is upon us, and Mike & Stephen are giving some expert data-driven advice to  ramp up your PPC campaigns in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The guys go over the power of the entire holiday season, how to prepare, and what happens to key metrics like CPC, ACOS, conversion rates on these days. See you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 5:27 Cyber Monday isn’t as big as you think it is 
  • 8:00 How much does sales boost for each day?
  • 11:35 Avg monthly metrics vs Cyber Monday/Black Friday metrics
  • 17:45 Don’t be as aggressive 2 days before Black Friday
  • 20:17 All of December is the real king
  • 22:50 Avoid targeting generic holiday keyword like “gifts for kids”
  • 28:35 Prepare for a potentially big CPC spike
  • 30:20 It’s too late for lightning deals but you should still set coupons
  • 31:30 The holiday season is a marathon not a sprint
  • 32:50 Our final tips

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