[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 23] Making Sense of New to Brand Metrics

Making Sense Of New To Brand Metrics


New to Brand Metrics

In this episode, Mike & Brett talk about the latest new metrics that were recently released for Amazon advertisers: new-to-brand. These metrics are meant to help advertisers identify strategies that can drive customer acquisition and efficient business growth on Amazon. They include new-to-brand orders, new-to-brand sales, % of orders new-to-brand, and % of sales new-to-brand. These metrics give you an idea about the percentage of your customers who have purchased from your brand within the past 12 months, which could eventually play a key role in understanding the true value of your PPC conversions over time. While these metrics are only available in sponsored brand ads, video ads, and display ads, these metrics could eventually prove to be quite useful. Right now though, Mike & Brett have some opinions to share about the current effectiveness of these metrics, what they’re lacking, and what we’re expecting going forward. Don’t miss this one! We’ll see you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 4:10 Amazon is introducing a new set of metrics called New to Brand
  • 5:40 Mike introduces the four new metrics: new to brand orders, Percent new to brand orders, new to brand sales, percent new to brand sales
  • 7:11 Mike gives his first impression of the New to Brand metrics
  • 9:00 Brett goes into how the metrics will affect reach goals
  • 9:45 Mike talks about how to measure ad campaigns using the new metrics
  • 13:10 How new to brand metrics will affect bidding on your own brand
  • 13:55 Brett & Mike take a deep-dive into their opinions on these new metrics and how actionable they are
  • 16:20 Amazon’s PPC is fragmented and the issue shows through the new metrics
  • 19:00 Brett ends the podcast with discussing how Amazon can improve their transparency moving forward

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