Amazon’s Marketing Stream Explained: A Technical Breakdown [The PPC Den Podcast]

Amazon’s Marketing Stream Explained: A Technical Breakdown


Amazon’s new Marketing Stream promises more granular data in real-time, more reporting dimensions, a simplified workflow, and more. Does it live up to its hype? 

Ad Badger’s CTO, Nickholas Isber, dissects Marketing Stream’s functionality to offer you a better understanding of its capabilities, its limits, and why it even exists. 

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Intro– Meet Ad Badger’s Chief Technology Officer
  • 3:40 How does Amazon Advertising’s API work?
  • 6:25 Marketing Stream’s improved data granularity 
  • 13:20 Marketing Stream’s No Throttling 
  • 16:01 Near real-time messaging 
  • 17:39 More reporting dimensions (beta)
  • 19:54 Insights on deltas instead of aggregates
  • 21:18 Marketing Stream simplifies workflow
  • 23:23 Marketing Stream’s technical limitations 
  • 27:22 Why are there limitations in regions?
  • 28:57 Only available for advertising data
  • 30:15 What does not supporting Queues mean?
  • 32:23 Differing data depending on the source
  • 35:51 Marketing Stream’s attribution window
  • 39:43 Ad Badger’s implementation of Marketing Stream
  • 47:17 Outro– More coming soon!

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Podcast Credits

Host and Executive Producer: Michael Erickson Facchin

Senior Producer: Nancy Lili Gonzalez

Video and Audio Editor: Pedro Moreno 

Graphic Designer: Karolina Facchin


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