[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 44] Listener Q&A: Optimizing Placement Settings

Listener Q&A: Optimizing Placement Settings


Listener Q&A: Optimizing Placement Settings

On today’s episode, Mike & Stephen answer a great question from listener Adam about how to optimize ad placement settings and adjust by bid modifiers. They reveal a simple, proven formula to get it done every time and walk through multiple step-by-step examples for you. This episode gets a little mathy, so be sure to check out our full blog post at adbadger.com/blog. See you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 3:45 Listener Adam’s question – does it apply to you?
  • 7:15 How mobile bids, desktop bids, and modifiers all work together
  • 9:40 A real example from Stephen
  • 11:35 Funnel your spend to your biggest bread-winners
  • 13:55 A simple, proven formula for your bid modifiers
  • 16:30 How much to increase your top-of-search modifier
  •  17:18 Calculating your product-page modifier
  • 18:20 Decrease your rest-of-search to balance traffic
  •  21:10 Online bid calculator coming soon
  • 21:50 What if your keywords perform differently in each ad placement?
  • 23:25 An experimental solution
  • 26:30 The optimization principle has outpaced the platform
  • 27:46 One last thing to watch out for…
  • 29:42 Check out our Ad Badger PPC optimization tool

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