[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 47] How to Advertise Commodity and Unique Products with Lukas Matthews

How To Advertise Commodity And Unique Products With Lukas Matthews


How to Advertise Commodity and Unique Products with Lukas Matthews

On today’s episode, Mike is joined by Lukas Matthews of Twin Scroll Marketing to talk about the difference between advertising commodity products and unique, novel products (like a WiFi jump rope). They break down what types of goals to set, customer behavior toward each, and a solid set of keyword strategies. You don’t want to miss Lukas’s expert advice on this one. See you in the Badger Den!  

Episode Highlights

  • 2:50 About our guest Lukas Matthews
  • 5:45 Commodity vs. unique products
  • 10:55 Goal-setting for commodity products
  • 13:30 Aim for discovery instead of sales for unique products
  • 16:50 When to use a laser or a shotgun for your keywords
  • 21:30 Controlled vs. uncontrolled clicks
  • 22:53 Find keyword trees for commodities
  • 24:25 Long-tail, niche keywords are better for unique products
  • 27:55 Saturate everything above the fold
  • 29:00 The real value of Lightning Deals & coupons
  • 34:20 Find Lukas at Twin Scroll Marketing

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