[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 24] Defining Your PPC Goals & Setting ACOS Targets


Defining Goals and Getting Results

In this episode, Mike & Brett discuss the most important strategy-related concepts to understand when it comes to Amazon PPC and scaling your business. Understanding your goals and direction as a business owner is essential, and PPC is no different. Your advertising strategy, targeting, and bidding should all work harmoniously to achieve the KPIs you’re looking for – whether that’s increasing profitability, bringing in more revenue, cutting your ad costs, or launching a new product. Listen along as we discuss the in’s & out’s around defining your PPC goals, setting your ACOS targets, and getting the results you’re looking for. We’ll see you in The Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 2:55 There can be a lot of emotions involved in managing on Amazon PPC, from over-optimizing to under-optimizing
  • 3:50 Introduction to ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale)
  • 7:23 Brett discusses how your PPC strategy should match your long-term Amazon business strategy
  • 11:38 Brett walks us through the various manufacturing costs to consider when using the Amazon marketplace
  • 15:25 Brett talks about the things to consider when calculating ACOS
  • 20:25 After calculated ACOS goals, establish launch KPIS to measure what needs adjusting
  • 22:50 Brett goes over why a breakeven ACOS would be beneficial
  • 25:50 Mike talks about how to calculate pre-ads profit

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