[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 51] The 6 Layers of Campaign Structure Complexity


The 6 Layers of Campaign Struture Complexity

Today we’re going all out. Strap in for a full breakdown of how to optimize your campaign structure and why it’s so important to your Amazon advertising visibility. Whether you only have single ASINs or 400,000 SKUs, we’ve outlined dozens of optimization strategies that you can use for your account. See you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 4:25 The importance of an optimized campaign structure
  • 5:18 Targeting vs. Inventory grouping
  • 9:46 3 popular campaign structure strategies
  • 14:08 Start thinking of campaign structure as another variable to optimize
  • 15:15 Visually map out your product groupings
  • 17:02 Even more strategies!
  • 20:20 Single ASIN ⁠— the easiest structure optimization
  • 26:15 How to optimize ASIN with variations
  • 31:30 Dialing up the complexity with several different products
  • 35:12 Different products but they compete for the same terms 
  • 42:40 What if you’re a huge company with 5,000+ SKUs in different categories?
  • 51:05 Strategies for giant wholesalers — 400,000+ SKUs!
  • 55:40 Keep campaign level settings in mind

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