[PPC Den Podcast Ep.1] Why We’re Living in the Golden Age of Amazon Advertising

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The Golden Age of Amazon PPC

We finally did it. After months of planning, we’re happy to say we’ve recorded our first episode of the PPC Den, the world’s first Amazon PPC podcast. 

This podcast is important to us as we continue our mission to produce the best Amazon PPC content. Every week, we publish written and video content, but we wanted another form of content to our arsenal: An Amazon PPC Podcast. 

Not only is the podcast important to us, but it’s important to you–the Amazon seller. We live in the golden age of Amazon PPC advertising. This is the lowest competition is ever going to be to gain brand recognition on Amazon. Selling online is thriving, Amazon is constantly gaining customers, features are constantly being added to the Amazon ad platform, and then there’s us. At Ad Badger, we want you to dominate selling on Amazon. 

In the first episode, we introduce you to the hosts, lay down some Amazon stats, and even answer a question from an Amazon PPC professional. 

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Introduction with Mike
  • 0:58 Introduction with Brett
  • 1:40 What is Amazon PPC?
  • 2:27 The Growth of Amazon (sellers, ads, etc.)
  • 5:14 How Amazon uses paid placement
  • 6:37 What makes 2018 the Golden Age of Amazon advertising?
  • 7:37 Amazon ads and customer experience
  • 8:53 Getting started with Amazon PPC
  • 10:56 Who are Mike and Brett?
  • 13:15 Audience questions
  • 14:35 Managing you Amazon brand
  • 16:54 Mike talks e-commerce and Amazon PPC
  • 18:00 Closing

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