[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 20] Amazon Advertising Launch Strategy for New Products

Amazon Advertising Launch Strategy For New Products


3... 2... 1... Launch!

Hey everyone! Our topic this week is a really important one that a lot of Amazon marketers get confused about – LAUNCH STRATEGY. In this solo episode, Brett discusses his favorite Amazon PPC launch strategy for new products. We’ll talk about how to structure and setup your campaigns for launch, the pros & cons of this launch strategy, some things to look out for, and we’ll even try to establish some guidelines so you’re not feeling lost next time you’re ready to introduce a new product. Don’t miss this one! I’ll see you in the Badger Den.

Episode Highlights

  • 2:40 For discussion purposes, Brett assumes a new business has no giveaways, promotions, groups, external ads, etc.
  • 4:17 Brett introduces indexing and what exactly gets indexed
  • 6:01 Brett recommends to start at the top of the suggested bid range to counterbalance ad quality scores
  • 9:35 How to launch an automatic and manual campaign for a new product
  • 12:30 Set yourself apart from other listings in your category
  • 15:02 Brett talks about what to expect from the first few weeks of launching

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