[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 21] Our Gripes About Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

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Six gripes with Sponsored brand ads

Sponsored brand ads showcase a collection of your products to customers who are searching with related keywords on Amazon. This makes them one of the most important ads in terms of real estate on ALL of Amazon. However, sponsored brand ads are missing quite a few features that their sponsored product counterparts offer. These issues make sponsored brand ads more frustrating to deal with than they need to be. In this episode, Mike and Brett discuss some pain points behind SBAs, some ways you can wiggle around those issues, and what we’re expecting for sponsored brands going forward. Catch you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 2:20 Ad Badger leaving Beta!
  • 3:00 Brett introduces what a Sponsored Brand Ad is
  • 5:40 Mike & Brett go into the first gripe: no search term reports
  • 7:30 Mike talks about the second gripe with SBA
  • 9:23 Third gripe: headline testing
  • 11:05 Brett talks about the fourth gripe
  • 12:40 Gripe five: no negative keywords
  • 14:33 You can’t rename a campaign name after it’s been created: sixth gripe
  • 17:30 Mike & Brett talk about the strategies to help with these frustrating parts of SBA
  • 19:40 Mike shares some user comments and reviews

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