How Ad Badger Reduced ACOS From 45% to 35% in Two Weeks in May 2022 [PPC Den Podcast]

How Ad Badger Reduced ACOS From 45% To 35% In Two Weeks In May 2022


It’s one thing to tune into the podcast every week, and another to systematically apply all the tips we offer. This episode pieces together the steps while telling a true story by Ad Badger’s CEO, Michael Facchin, as he shares a recent coaching win from a client who reached his ACOS goals quickly. 

The steps are easy– review the fundamentals, optimize your bids, control your search terms, trim the fat, and optimize the product budget– but it’s all in the practice. 

We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Storytime: Client wishes to reduce ACOS
  • 1:45 How to Reduce ACOS – theory
  • 2:52 How to Reduce ACOS – action steps
  • 13:35 Conclusion: Success, happy ending
  • 14:23 Story summary

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Podcast Credits

Thank you, Michael Erickson Facchin, Nancy Lili Gonzalez, and Pedro Moreno for creating this episode!


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