[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 49] Make your Best Keywords Better with Single Keyword Campaigns


Make your Best Keywords Better with Single Keyword Campaigns

On today’s episode Mike & Stephen share how to make your best keywords on Amazon perform even better with the Single Keyword Campaigns Strategy.  A campaign per keyword may seem excessive, but the extra control over your placement bid settings is well worth it. Don’t miss learning about the keyword strategy that could transform your account. See you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 2:30 Reading reviews from our awesome listeners
  • 4:25 Introducing the Single Keyword Sponsored Product Campaigns Strategy
  • 5:40 Guess the top searched term last week
  • 7:57 One campaign, one ad group, one keyword… Why do it?
  • 10:40 Con: Overly segmented data
  • 13:10 Is this strategy allowed?
  • 16:00 Pro: Boost your keyword performance
  • 17:15 Start small & test it out first
  • 19:05 Not all searches are created equal
  • 22:05 Stephen’s recommended strategy
  • 23:20 Transform your account with Single Keyword Campaigns
  • 27:45 2 strategies to set your placement settings
  • 32:28 Bulk Files: How to execute this strategy fast
  • 36:35 Key takeaways

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