[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 45] Amazon’s New Sponsored Display Ads (Beta)

Amazon’s New Sponsored Display Ads


Amazon's New Sponsored Display Ads (Beta)

On today’s episode, Mike & Stephen cover Amazon’s exciting new Sponsored Display Ads feature. This unique ad type comes with different payment options, remarketing with affinity audiences, and more! Learn all about how to create them, their benefits, and some best practices. Be the first to capitalize on this opportunity while it’s still in its wild west stages.  See you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 3:20 A funny review from cbgill83
  • 5:13 The rise of Sponsored Display Ads
  • 6:30 How does it differ from other Amazon ad types?
  • 8:45 Creating your first Sponsored Display Ad
  • 10:00 Pay-per-click vs Pay-per-impression
  • 13:46 Audience targeting
  • 15:30 Remarketing with a twist
  • 17:00 Find your data in the sponsored product report
  • 19:15 Performance breakdown
  • 20:47 Difference between DSP and Sponsored Display
  • 23:00 Pay-per-impression deep dive
  • 26:30 Best practices
  • 28:00 Pay-per-click only reaches customers off of Amazon
  • 29:55 Running experiments
  • 31:45 How it kickstarts new product launches
  • 35:21 Rapid fire facts from the Amazon help docs
  • 37:28 Prohibited categories
  •  39:02 Cheap CPMs
  •  40:48 Check out our PPC automation tool

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