[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 89] Much Ado About Budgets

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Have you ever wondered if you’re wasting money on Amazon advertising? Are neglecting or overspending on a certain ad type? All of these questions can be answered by looking at your Amazon PPC budget.

On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen share the best practices for Amazon PPC budgets and breakdown how you can create the perfect budget.

We’ll see you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 1:10 Intro
  • 6:00 Getting started with Amazon PPC budgets
  • 13:50 Splitting your budget between ad types
  • 21:50 Adjusting your budget over time
  • 29:30 Some final questions about budgets
  • 39:30 How much should you spend on Amazon PPC
  • 43:00 Closing thoughts

Links & Resources

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Special Thanks

We’d like to thank our podcast and video editor, Pedro Moreno, who always make our media dreams come true. Without him, this would be a heck of a lot more challenging! We’ve worked with Pedro since the beginning and we are proud to have him in our Badger Nation. Thank you!

Thank you!

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