[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 58] Our Top Predictions for Amazon PPC in 2020

Our Top Predictions For Amazon PPC In 2020


Our Top Predictions for Amazon PPC in 2020

2020 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for Amazon PPC and our crystal ball says there are exciting developments for your workflows on the horizon! Ooh! Ah!

How did we acquire our crystal ball?  Why, from years of exploring the wild Amazon PPC frontier! Ok, fine, you caught us. It’s  really an educated guess.

Will 2020 be your lucky Amazon marketing year? You’ll only know if you don’t miss our top predictions. See you in the badger den!

Episode Highlights

      • 00:00 Intro
      • 02:20 Welcome to 2020, cubs!
      • 03:16 1st Prediction – Sponsored Brand Ads: Search Term Reports
      • 07:37 2nd Prediction – Bid Optimization: Devices
      • 16:29 2020 3d Prediction – Exact Match: Exact- exact?
      • 19:42 4th Prediction – Greater Unification of Amazon Ads
      • 24:30 5th Prediction – Reduced Data Delay
      • 28:20 6th Prediction – Revamped Bulk Ops
      • 32:20 Mike and Stephen’s year ahead

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