[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 34] Clickfraud, Who to Hire, Dayparting, and More: Common Amazon PPC Questions

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Common Amazon PPC Questions

On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen answer frequently asked questions about Amazon PPC! Should you be concerned about click fraud? What about adjusting your PPC strategy by the time of day? The guys answer these questions and many more. See you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 3:27 Leave us a voicemail with your questions!
  • 6:59 Question 0: What information should I include in my question?
  • 9:45 Question 1: How can product page listing quality issues affect CTR?
  • 14:30 Question 2: Should I change my fixed bids to dynamic bids?
  • 21:06 Question 3: Why am I only getting clicks for ASIN-suggested sponsored products?
  • 25:48 Question 4: When should software or an agency manage your campaigns for you?
  • 32:05 Question 5: Should I split my campaigns by keyword search volume?
  • 35:16 Question 6: Should I pause my campaigns during certain hours?
  • 39:38 Question 7: Is click fraud a big deal?
  • 40:40 FAQ and voicemail

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