[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 59] Amazon PPC Keyword Research in 2020: RPSB Revisited

Amazon PPC Keyword Research In 2020


Amazon PPC Keyword Research in 2020: RPSB Revisited

This is an RPSB refresher.

RPSB is an elegant, low cost Amazon PPC keyword research strategy. It’s an acronym for Research, Peel, Stick, and Block, which are the four steps of this strategy.

In this week’s episode, Mike and Stephen review the fundamentals of RPSB, discuss pro’s and con’s of potential edits to the strategy (like RPS, which is RPSB minus the B), and explore how to stay ahead of the curve of your Amazon PPC competitors.

If you believe in the adage, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” then you won’t want to miss episode 59. We’ll see you in the badger den!

Episode Highlights

      • 00:00 Find us on YouTube and Anchor
      • 00:45 Best Amazon keyword research method: RPSB 
      • 11:04 RPSB vs. RPS
      • 17:30 Keyword cannibalization 
      • 19:59 The Prickly Part of RPSB
      • 21:38 Solution 1 – Category targeting
      • 26:00 Solution 2 – Search term graduation updated
      • 31:15 Initial bids – a How To
      • 37:11 Keyword dumping
      • 40:20 Pro-tip: Bulk Ops Mastery 
      • 42:10  Final verdict of RPSB’s future

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