[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 37] 4 Things Amazon PPC Does Better than Google & Facebook Ads

amazon ads vs google amazon ads vs facebook ads amazon ppc


4 Areas Amazon PPC Beats Google & Facebook

On today’s episode, Mike and Stephen cover four areas where Amazon Advertising outperforms Google and Facebook. Amazon brings a unique mix of customization and optimization to its advertising platform. Of course, there are some areas where Google and Facebook shine, and we cover those too. Find out which platform best suits your individual needs and the strategies you can implement for each one. See you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 4:40 Intro to the Four Areas Where Amazon Excels
  • 5:13 The $100 Test
  • 9:02 Sponsored Products: Amazon vs. Google
  • 11:15 Bulk Files with Amazon
  • 14:25 Native Ads with Amazon
  • 18:40 Consumer Anxiety on Google vs. Amazon
  • 19:40 Where Google Shines – Ad Support
  • 20:34 Google Platform Customization
  • 23:48 How Google Manages Size and Scale
  • 25:47 Mulit-Account Management with Google
  • 28:22 Facebook Audiences and Targeting
  • 30:40 Ad Types on Facebook
  • 33:08 Amazon and Ad Quality Score
  • 35:35 Final Conclusions

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