[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 55] A Data-Oriented Approach to Advertising in December

A Data-Oriented Approach to Advertising in December


A Data-Oriented Approach to Advertising in December

On today’s episode, Mike & Stephen give a week-by-week playbook on how to navigate the December holiday mania. They cover how ACOS and conversion rates change each week and the best strategies to use. If you thought Black Friday or Cyber Monday were crazy, just wait until you see the mid-December data. See you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 4:37 Seth’s RPSB question
  • 7:10 What do you do if RPSB isn’t working?
  • 9:15 Confirm that it’s an anomaly
  • 11:05 Amazon rewards campaigns with momentum
  • 14:33 How our data works
  • 16:45 December is bigger than Cyber Weekend
  • 20:22 Does every day have the same performance?
  • 22:50 An average yet strong first week
  • 25:05 Holiday mania happens from December 10 -21
  • 28:05 Strategies to capitalize on the pre-Christmas craze
  • 30:45 The trailing, final week of December
  • 32:30 A December week-by-week playbook
  • 33:42 The 2 most important days of December

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