What Accounting and Financial Metrics Should I Monitor as an Amazon Entrepreneur? [PPC Den Podcast]

What Accounting And Financial Metrics Should I Monitor As An Amazon Entrepreneur


Whether you are an Amazon entrepreneur or a brand owner, you need guidance with your financial metrics. You might be growing your business, but if you aren’t excellent with your finances, you could lose the money you thought you had. Nobody wants that! 

That’s why we’re excited to have Christian Rivera from The Ecommerce Accountants back to discuss daily and monthly financial health checks, outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping, the benefits and cautions of quick data from accounting softwares, as well as what to do now to improve your financials (especially if you didn’t realize until this episode that your financials are messier than you’d thought).

We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Intro– Fact: Indian food is the best food.
  • 7:00 Financial health checks
  • 8:12 What metrics should you track daily/ monthly?
  • 9:50 What bookkeeping tasks should you own/ outsource?
  • 13:55 Working with automated accounting softwares
  • 17:09 Why you’ll want a third-party bookkeeper & tax-person
  • 23:22 What to consider with e-commerce accounting in Q3
  • 27:53 Do this now to make your financial life better
  • 29:33 Outro– No accountant dance videos yet

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Podcast Credits

Host and Executive Producer: Michael Erickson Facchin

Senior Producer: Nancy Lili Gonzalez

Video and Audio Editor: Pedro Moreno 

Graphic Designer: Karolina Facchin


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