How to Earn with Amazon Associates Program?

How can you make money with the Amazon Associates Program?

Today at Ad Badger, we’re breaking down the Amazon Associates Program for you. This is a cool way for bloggers, social media folks, and website owners to make extra cash. If you like linking to products in your content, this program can help you get a cut of the sales.

We’ll review the must-knows, dos, and don’ts and give tips on picking the right products for your audience. Whether you’re a pro at affiliate marketing or just getting started, we’ve got the lowdown to help you boost your earnings with Amazon.

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What is the Amazon Associates program and how does it work?

The Amazon Associates Program, or the “Amazon Affiliate program,” is a way for website owners, bloggers, and social media users (like those on TikTok and YouTube) to earn money.

Affiliate marketing, the core idea behind Amazon Associates, is a strategy where online retailers work with niche website owners. They allow them to make unique links to products (called affiliate links). Website owners need to promote these links. When someone visits the link and buys something, the website owner gets a commission. This model is great if you already have a website or blog and your content can mention products.

For instance, if you run a fitness blog, you can use your Amazon Associates affiliate links to link to workout equipment, nutritional supplements, and recommended exercise gear.

The Amazon Associates program

How has the Amazon Associates program shaped internet marketing?

Since its launch in the mid-90s, the Amazon Associates Program has helped shape internet marketing, opening up earning opportunities for thousands of webmasters and content creators. It made earning online accessible to anyone with a website, blog, or active social media account, turning them into partners with one of the world’s biggest retailers.

The importance of Amazon Associates in internet marketing is huge, as it continues to offer opportunities for both individuals and large publishers, encouraging innovation and creativity in content creation.

Creating a successful Amazon Associates account begins with understanding the program and navigating its setup process efficiently.

When you join the Amazon Affiliate program, you’re entering a world where your website, blog, or social media presence can become a source of income.

Getting Started with Amazon Associates Program

To become an Amazon Associate, you’ll first need to create an affiliate account on Amazon’s platform.

Amazon assigns a unique Associate ID to each new member. This ID is crucial for tracking the sales you generate and ensuring you receive your commissions. After your application receives approval, you can start crafting those all-important affiliate links through the Amazon portal.

The beauty of this program is its accessibility. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, a social media influencer, or even a mobile app developer, there’s room for you to grow and earn.

However, each medium comes with its set of eligibility requirements.

primary benefits of the Amazon Associates program for creators

What are the  requirements for joining the Amazon Associates program?

  • For website owners and bloggers

For website owners and bloggers, the key to eligibility lies in owning your platform and ensuring it hosts a minimum of 10 original blog posts published within the last 60 days. The site must be public, making your content accessible without restrictions.

  • For mobile app developers

Mobile app developers aren’t left out. If you’ve created a free app on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Amazon Appstore and it offers original content distinct from Amazon’s shopping app, you’re in the clear to apply.

  • For social media influencers

Social media influencers with active, public accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok have a place here, too. A minimum following of 500 organic followers is required, with a caveat that Facebook and Instagram users must operate through a business account.

Content is king

Content is king, and Amazon knows it. The Associates team reviews websites, mobile apps, and social network accounts for fresh, original content that provides value to Amazon customers. It’s about how you do it. Ethical promotion is paramount. Amazon requires you to disclose your affiliate status, ensuring transparency with your audience. Avoiding false claims, and inappropriate content and staying away from practices like offline promotions or email marketing with affiliate links ensures you remain in good standing.


New affiliates must achieve at least three sales within their first 180 days to keep their account active. This initial goal emphasizes the importance of engaging content and effective promotion strategies.

How can you optimize your affiliate profile for better performance?

The program’s inclusivity is remarkable. It’s open to anyone with a valid Amazon account and a platform to promote products. This could be your website, where you review tech gadgets, a blog offering lifestyle tips, or even your TikTok account, where you share daily life hacks.

Once you’re in, it’s not just about linking to any product. Surprisingly, not all products offer the same commission rate, which can vary significantly across different categories.

This variability means selecting the right products to promote is as crucial as the promotion itself.

It’s crucial to keep track of trends to stay performance-optimized. Check out the video on Hot Updates on Amazon for 2024.

How to Become an Amazing Affiliate

Step 1: Start with a website or social media

First, you need a website, blog, app, or social media page like TikTok or YouTube. Filling it with posts or videos is a good idea to make it look busy and real. This helps when Amazon checks it out. Make sure you know what you want your site or page to be about, who you’re talking to, and how you’ll get people to visit.

Step 2: Sign up for Amazon Associates

To join Amazon’s affiliate club, visit their Associate’s website and hit the “Sign Up” button. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to log in with your Amazon account or make a new one.

sign up Amazon Associates program

Step 3: Fill in your details

Next, you’ll need to give them basic info like your name, address, and phone number.

Step 4: Tell them about your website or app

Put in the web addresses of your site, blog, app, YouTube channel, or whatever you’re using.

Step 5: Pick a store ID

Choose a name for your Amazon store, usually something close to your website name. Explain what your site or app does and what kind of Amazon stuff you’re going to talk about.

Step 6: Share how you get visitors

Talk about how you plan to bring people to your site or app, how you make money from it, how you link to other sites, and how many people visit your site monthly.

Step 7: Decide on payment details

You can choose to give them your bank and tax details now or later. Then, you’ll see your dashboard.

Step 8: Make your Amazon links

Once your account is set up, you’ll go to a page where you can see how well you’re doing, how much money you’re making, and how many clicks you’re getting.

Here, you can start making links to Amazon products to share on your site or social media.

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How is an Amazon affiliate link created?

Creating an Amazon affiliate link might seem like a journey through a maze, but once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as pie.

Here’s a friendly guide to help you navigate through the process and start earning those commissions.

Access Your Amazon Associate Account

First, log into your Amazon Associate account. This step is crucial because it ensures any link you create is tied directly to your account, ensuring you get credit (and cash!) for any sales generated from your promotions.

Choosing Your Links

Once you’re in, head over to the Product Linking section at the top and pick ‘Product Links’. This is where the magic starts. Amazon gives you a plethora of ways to craft your unique links, including a nifty option called “Link to Any Page,” which is super handy.

SiteStripe feature

In my experience, the simplest way to create an Amazon affiliate link is to use the SiteStripe feature. You’ll see this bar on product pages when you’re logged into your Amazon Affiliate Panel. Click on the ‘Text’ button in SiteStripe, and voila, you can choose between a short or full-length link for your promotions.

Easy, right?

Other tools

Don’t just stop at direct product links. Amazon has many cool tools to help you reach wider and engage better. Here’s what I’ve explored:

  • Idea Hub. Perfect for scratching your head over what products to promote next. It’s like having a brainstorming buddy who knows exactly what your audience might love.

  • Link to Favorite Destinations. This tool is ideal for those times you want to discuss categories instead of single products. For instance, sharing a list of your go-to beauty picks on TikTok? With this tool, you can link them all at once.

  • Link to Search Results. This one’s a gem for targeted content. Say you’re all about Halloween lawn decorations. You can create a link to a curated search result filled with spooky goodies.

  • Link to Any Page. This is your wildcard for everything else. Want to direct your followers to a special Amazon page? This is how you do it.

Tools for Reach & Engagement in the Amazon Associates Program

Share Your Links

Now that you’ve crafted your perfect Amazon affiliate link, it’s time to share it with the world. Just remember, Amazon has rules about where you can and can’t share these links (hint: stick to online and steer clear of offline promos, emails, and eBooks).

Put these links into action on your site, your YouTube channel, or any other platform you fancy. Just make sure you’re creating content that captivates your audience. After all, the more they love what you share, the more likely they are to click through and make a purchase.

And with Amazon’s cookie tagging along, each click could mean more commission for you — just remember, the clock ticks on those cookies, so make it count!

Ad Badger cookies


What criteria guide product selection for Amazon Associates program?

When you’re part of the Amazon Affiliate program, finding the right stuff to talk about on your blog or social media is super important. It’s all about knowing what your followers like, using Amazon’s cool tools to help you choose products, and writing stuff that makes people want to buy.

Let’s look at how you can do this in a simpler way:

Stick to One Topic

Choosing one main topic for your website or blog is key. Imagine talking about just kitchen gadgets or outdoor adventures. When you focus on one thing, your followers see you as the go-to expert. Plus, it’s easier to fit in links to Amazon products without sounding too salesy. And if you pick a topic you love, you’ll never run out of ideas to write about.


Write About Products

One of the best ways to get people buying through your links is by writing reviews or comparing different products. Say you’re looking at two coffee makers. Telling your followers which one is better can help someone decide to buy. And if they’re ready to buy, they’ll likely use your link to do it.

Keep Posting Regularly

Having a blog that’s always bringing in new stuff is great for keeping people coming back. Try to write something new each week. But remember, it’s better to have a few really good posts than lots of not-so-great ones. Knowing a bit about SEO, or how to show up in Google searches, can also help more people find your site.


Use an Amazon Storefront

Setting up a special Amazon page with all your product picks is a smart move. It’s easy for your followers to see everything in one place. Just make sure to check now and then that all the links work and the products are still available.

Use an Amazon Storefront

Spread the Word with Ads

Even if you write awesome posts, you need people to see them. Spending a little on ads on social media or Google can bring more eyes to your site. The cool part is you only pay if people click on your ads, and you can set a budget so you don’t spend too much.

What rules and best practices apply to the Amazon Associates Program?

Navigating the Amazon Associates program effectively requires a deep understanding of its rules and a commitment to ethical practices.

What rules apply to the Amazon Associates program?

Amazon Associates operates under strict guidelines designed to ensure fairness and transparency. For instance, Amazon prohibits affiliate links in offline materials, such as printed books or personal emails, and requires clear disclosure of the affiliate relationship on your site or channel.

Statistics show that adhering to these rules protects your account from suspension and builds trust with your audience. According to a 2020 survey, over 60% of consumers appreciate transparency about affiliate links and are more likely to trust and click on disclosed links.

What are some common mistakes that affiliates should avoid in the Amazon Associates Program?

Many affiliates fall into avoidable traps that can jeopardize their partnership with Amazon. One common mistake is neglecting to check and update affiliate links regularly. A broken or outdated link misses potential earnings and frustrates potential customers. Another frequent error is failing to comply with Amazon’s pricing disclosure requirements. Given that prices on Amazon change frequently, affiliates must avoid listing prices unless they’re automatically updated through Amazon’s API. Ignoring this rule has led to numerous account suspensions.


Examples and Statistics

  • A 2019 compliance audit revealed that over 50% of affiliates failed to adequately disclose their relationship with Amazon, leading to warnings and, in some cases, account suspension.
  • An affiliate marketing firm’s analysis found that affiliates who regularly checked and updated their links saw a 30% increase in revenue compared to those who did not.
  • A study highlighted that affiliates who used Amazon’s API to list current prices saw a 20% higher click-through rate, emphasizing the importance of accurate pricing information.

The bottom line

To succeed with the Amazon Associates program, you must understand its guidelines, follow ethical practices, and avoid mistakes. Stick to the rules, offer honest content, and keep your affiliate links clear. This builds trust with your audience and Amazon. Success in affiliate marketing comes from providing value to your followers and maintaining integrity in your promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Amazon affiliate links in email newsletters?

No, Amazon’s rules prohibit the use of affiliate links in direct email communications, including newsletters.

How often should I check and update my Amazon affiliate links?

Regularly, at least once a month, to ensure all links are active and direct to the correct products, thereby maximizing your earning potential.

Do I need to disclose my Amazon Associate status on my website?

Yes, Amazon requires clear disclosure of your affiliate relationship on your site or any platform you use to promote affiliate links. This transparency is crucial for building trust with your audience.

What happens if I break one of Amazon’s Associates Program rules?

Violating Amazon’s rules can lead to warnings, suspension, or even termination of your affiliate account. It’s important to familiarize yourself with and adhere to their guidelines.

Can I list product prices when promoting Amazon items?

Listing prices is tricky due to frequent changes. Unless you’re using Amazon’s API that updates prices automatically, it’s safer to avoid mentioning specific prices to prevent misinformation.



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