10 Real Amazon Advertising Horror Stories & How to Survive [The PPC Den Podcast]


Like the eyes in a painting following you down the corridor while a shrill cry echoes in the mist outside the cobwebbed window before the air turns black all around you, this special episode of The PPC Den featuring Elizabeth Greene of Junglr will have your hair standing on end. 

Listen to these spooky stories in the dark, but keep a flashlight and pen nearby for the actionable steps shared so you’ll never fear the boogie man lurking in your Amazon PPC campaign shadows. 

We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Grab your candy & your popcorn 
  • 1:56 Haunted house vibes: Inactivity 
  • 6:38 Movie jump scare: % of ad spend without conversions 
  • 10:20 Werewolf: Placement percentages 
  • 13:16 The mind flayer: Ignoring market analysis tools 
  • 18:28 Mummy: Not checking product level ACOS & Total ACOS
  • 21:06 Ghosts: Bad campaign structure
  • 25:34 Murderous clown: Never using negatives
  • 29:03  Cult of doom: Not running SBV or creative ad types 
  • 36:42 Ancient evil: Not knowing cost per impression model 
  • 42:04 Graveyard: Not tracking CVR over time
  • 45:42 How to prevent living the spooky story

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