7 Lesser-Known Amazon Seller Tools You Should Try

7 Amazon Seller Tools You Might Not Know About But Should

Today, we will dig into something cool: seven amazing tools that Amazon Seller Central offers. Come along as we explore how these tools can transform how you sell on one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world.

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What is Amazon Seller Central?

What exactly is Amazon Seller Central? Amazon Seller Central is a specialized portal for sellers looking to manage their business on Amazon. This tool is available to all sellers registered on the platform, including small and large entrepreneurs.

With Seller Central, sellers can upload their products to the site, manage inventory, monitor sales and reviews, and optimize their marketing strategies.

Seller Central offers useful tools such as search query analysis, SKU economics, product opportunity exploration, market basket analysis, brand reputation reports, and tools for creating specialized promotions and discounts. Each of these tools has its advantages, helping sellers better understand their customers’ needs, increase product visibility, and boost sales.

Let’s talk about the shortcomings.

However, like any system, Seller Central has its drawbacks. For example, it can be challenging for newcomers to navigate the many features and settings. If you are overwhelmed or want to ensure you’re maximizing your Amazon presence, consider leveraging our top-notch Amazon PPC service. We specialize in helping sellers like you get the most out of Seller Central, streamlining your process, and boosting sales. 

Sometimes, the information on the platform can seem overwhelming or too technical. Also, Amazon occasionally changes its algorithms and policies, which can create additional challenges for sellers.

Despite these challenges, Seller Central remains an indispensable tool for successful trading on Amazon.

7 Lesser-Known Amazon Seller Tools

First Tool: Search Query Performance – Part of the Amazon Seller Tools Suite

Amazon’s Search Query Performance tool tracks how often people see your product after searching for specific terms and then tracks whether those views turn into buys. This tool is essential for seeing exactly how customers find your products and what you might need to tweak to make your listings more visible and attractive.

What are the benefits:

  • Learn which search terms lead customers to your products and discover potential new keywords to target that could bring more visitors.
  • See how your product stacks up against competitors. If they’re getting more visibility, you can strategize on how to capture some of their traffic.
  • By knowing which searches lead to your products, you can fine-tune your product titles, descriptions, and keywords to better match customers’ search.

A lot of sellers don’t even know this tool exists, which means they’re missing out on understanding how visible their products really are on Amazon. Without this knowledge, improving where you’re not performing well is tough. For example, if you’re not appearing in searches as often as your competitors, you won’t know unless you have the data to show it.

By diving into the Search Query Performance tool, you can get ahead of many other sellers who aren’t using this data. You can spot trends, see what’s working, and adjust your strategies accordingly. 

Second Tool: SKU Economics – A Key Component of the Amazon Seller Tools Suite

The SKU Economics tool in Amazon Seller Central is essential for sellers who want a clear breakdown of costs associated with each SKU.

It details fees, costs, net proceeds, and profitability metrics for every product you sell. This tool can be especially insightful because it allows you to add off-Amazon costs to get a fuller picture of your expenses—although many sellers prefer not to share these external costs with Amazon.

What are the benefits:

  • With a detailed view of each product’s financials, you can make informed pricing, promotions, and inventory management decisions.
  • Understand exactly what you’re earning on each product after all fees and costs.
  • See a detailed list of Amazon and FBA fees associated with your products, which helps you gauge the true cost of selling each item.

While SKU Economics provides a solid foundation, it has limitations, such as only including charges from Sponsored Products and lacking true attribution that might skew product-level data.

Third Tool: Product Opportunity Explorer – Featured in the Amazon Seller Tools Suite

Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer helps you spot the next big thing by analyzing what customers are searching for and what they say about products like yours. This tool is perfect for any seller wanting to expand their product line or find a new niche with confidence.

What are the benefits:

  • Learn about gaps in the market where customer needs aren’t fully met. This tool shows you where to introduce new products that resonate with buyers.
  • Get insights directly from Amazon, helping you make informed decisions about new products without guessing.
  • See what similar products are and how you can make yours better or more appealing.

What makes the Product Opportunity Explorer especially helpful is its focus on customer reviews and returns. These insights are key to understanding why some products succeed and others fail. If customers are returning a type of product often or have common complaints, you can learn from this and make a product that avoids these pitfalls.

This tool is part of Amazon’s first-party services, meaning it integrates seamlessly with your seller tools and is free to use—unlike many third-party tools that might cost you extra.

How It Helps

Imagine knowing why a customer returned an item or complained about it. Now, consider how to use this information to create something better. That’s the power of the Product Opportunity Explorer. It gives you a clear market picture so you can design products people will love and keep.

Fourth Tool: Market Basket Analysis – Included in the Amazon Seller Tools Suite

Market Basket Analysis in Amazon Seller Central helps you understand which items in your inventory customers frequently purchase in one go. It’s perfect for figuring out smart pairings and bundles that could encourage shoppers to add more to their carts.

What are the benefits:

  • Discover combinations and variations—like different sizes, colors, or quantities—that encourage buyers to spend more per visit.
  • Market Basket Analysis is a handy technique that helps you understand what products your customers usually buy together. By looking at sales data, you can spot trends and see which items are often purchased in the same transaction. This information lets you make smart decisions about what products to stock and how to promote them together, which can lead to more sales and happier customers.
  • Use insights to bundle products in ways that make sense to your customers, making their shopping experience easier and your sales higher.

You might wonder if this information is visible on the product detail pages (PDPs) under ‘frequently bought together.’ Sometimes, it is, but often, the most valuable combinations aren’t shown there. That’s where the Market Basket Analysis tool comes into play, revealing hidden opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Try this trick

Imagine you’re shopping for a gift. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a beautifully paired set of products that go perfectly together? That’s the convenience you can offer your customers with the insights from Market Basket Analysis. By providing these thoughtful combinations, you enhance the shopping experience and build trust and satisfaction.

Fifth Tool: Brand Reputation – Integrated into the Amazon Seller Tools Suite

Amazon’s Brand Reputation tool lets you connect directly with customers who weren’t happy with their purchase. It’s surprising how many sellers don’t use this feature, which can help turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Amazon’s Brand Reputation Tool

What are the benefits:

  • This tool lets you reach out to customers who have left critical reviews. It’s a rare chance to fix problems and improve people’s feelings about your brand.
  • Often, all it takes is offering a simple refund to change a bad review into a good one, especially if you can find out what went wrong and promise to improve it.
  • You get valuable feedback when customers share why they didn’t like a product, whether it’s the size, scent, or something else. This helps you improve not just for one customer but for all future sales.

Imagine a customer is disappointed because a product smells different than they expected. With the Brand Reputation tool, you can promptly respond to customer complaints by apologizing and offering a refund or replacement. Studies show that proactive customer service can lead to a positive shift in customer feedback. For example, approximately 30-40% of customers are likely to update their negative reviews to positive ones if they are contacted within a few days of posting their original feedback.

Handling Seller Feedback

Feedback Amazon Tool

It’s not just about product reviews. Seller feedback is crucial, too. Often, issues like late delivery are Amazon’s fault, and you can ask to have this feedback removed. Staying on top of these comments helps keep your seller’s reputation clean and trustworthy.

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Sixth Tool: Brand Tailored Promotions and Coupons – Part of the Amazon Seller Tools Suite

Amazon’s Brand Tailored Promotions and Coupons are tools designed to help you reach specific groups of customers with personalized deals and discounts. These features are essential for any seller looking to boost sales and foster loyalty among their customer base.

What are the benefits:

  • Unlike traditional cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, these promotions work on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis. You only pay when your promotions lead to sales, making it a highly cost-effective strategy.
  • Recently, Amazon has integrated Brand Tailored Coupons into this service, doubling the impact of your promotional efforts.

For a real boost in visibility and engagement, integrate your promotions with Amazon Posts and optimize your Amazon Storefront header.

Brand and Audiences

Here’s a simple but effective tip

Edit your Storefront Header with a call-to-action arrow pointing to the + Follow button. This small change can significantly increase your brand followers, compounding the benefits when combined with regular Amazon Posts.

Benefits of Brand-Tailored Promotions and Coupons:

  1. These tools allow you to create promotions specifically designed for segments of your audience, ensuring more relevant and appealing offers.
  2. Personalized deals help build a customer connection, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.
  3. For brands frequently launching new products, these promotions can significantly reduce the cost and time associated with bringing a new SKU to market.

A gift tip for you

Leveraging Amazon Posts along with these promotions can enhance their effectiveness. If you have at least ten posts, they can appear not only on your product detail pages (PDPs) but also on your competitors’. This increases your promotional content’s reach and helps attract more followers, who are notified of new posts and promotions.

Seventh Tool: Creator Connections – Featured in the Amazon Seller Tools Suite

Creator Connections is Amazon’s way of helping you team up with influencers through Seller Central. This tool lets you work with content creators to show off your products to more people and get more sales. Instead of paying every time someone clicks on an ad (like with CPC), you only pay when sales happen, thanks to the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model.

What are the benefits:

  •  Once you set up your influencer campaign, the links promoting your products can work for a long time. This means even if you don’t see many sales right away, the campaign can still help you later.
  • You can ask creators if you can use their photos or videos on your product pages or your own social media. Just get their permission first because they own the content they make.

Influencers have their own fans who trust what they say. When they share your products, their followers are likely to check them out. Remember, authentic posts from influencers can convince their followers to buy your products.

Why It’s Great for Your Brand

Working with influencers can help your brand shine. For example, if an influencer makes a great video about your product, you can use it in many ways. This video can help sell your product on Amazon and be great for your ads or even to share with your followers on social media.

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The bottom line

Seller Central is packed with tools that can change the game for your Amazon business. From helping you understand what customers are searching for with the Search Query Performance tool to planning better product bundles with Market Basket Analysis, each tool has something valuable.

These tools can help you fix your product listings and find new opportunities with the Product Opportunity Explorer. They let you monitor how customers see your brand, offer special deals with Brand-Tailored Promotions and Coupons, and even connect you with influencers through Creator Connections to promote your products.

Dive into these tools, play around with their features, and customize them to meet your needs. Explore, experiment, and grow—Seller Central is here to help you succeed on Amazon.