Launching 54 Campaigns to Rank Multiple Products in the Top 10 on Amazon [The PPC Den Podcast]


If you want to increase revenue and net units sold by more than 150% like one of our clients, you’ll need to take your Amazon management to the next level. Michael Tejeda explains the strategy shift he used to rank multiple products in Amazon’s top 10, including reconsidering all of their SEO, managing each product’s parentage, taking advantage of lightning deals, and nitty-gritty PPC work, like campaign structure fine-tuning and high-levels of campaign segmentation.

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 What to expect in this episode
  • 2:42 BSR Case Study Update: 4 Products in the Top 10
  • 7:54 Shifted strategy: SEO on Front End 
  • 11:26 Managing product parentage
  • 14:08 On couponing & lightning deals
  • 15:25 Campaign structure intricacies to monitor 
  • 21:50 Complex campaign segmentation
  • 24:22 What would happen if we optimize fewer campaigns?
  • 28:39 Your homework: What to do now

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