Filters to Live By: What Custom Filters Do I Need for Amazon Advertising? [The PPC Den Podcast]

Filters to Live By: What Custom Filters Do I Need for Amazon Advertising?


Amazon PPC is a game of finding areas to amplify or diminish, and some of the best tools in your arsenal are filters. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, this episode of the show, featuring Amazon PPC Expert and resident badger, Clement Hynaux, is sure to fire up new ideas of filters to live by. Keyword filters. Target filters. Brand analytics filters. And more! All of the filters! Listen to this episode because it’s time to badger up.

We’ll see you in The PPC Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 What to expect in this episode
  • 7:25 Campaign Level Filters & action items
  • 8:45 Ad Group Level Filters best practice
  • 9:16 Keyword/ Target/ Search Term/ Product Ad Filters
  • 9:50 Where to find these filters
  • 11:50 How do you determine what filters you need?
  • 14:19 How do you determine what’s high-click without orders?
  • 18:42 Brand Analytic, SQPD, Product Opportunities, Brand Metrics Filters
  • 20:56 Filter: High-click, non-converting spend
  • 24:09 Filter: High spend, no orders
  • 26:32 Filter: Lots of clicks with high/ low ACOS
  • 29:18 Filter: High impression, low CTR
  • 32:37 Filter: Few impressions, few clicks
  • 33:34 How to create more comprehensive filters
  • 35:38 Product Filters & Placement Filters
  • 37:28 Your homework: Get your filter game up!

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