Merch By Amazon: How Can You Succeed?

Merch By Amazon: How Can You Succeed?

Curious about turning your designs into cash with Merch by Amazon? In this guide, Ad Badger will show you the ropes from getting your application approved to creating in-demand merchandise and mastering the marketplace. Here’s everything you need to know to kickstart and expand your Merch by Amazon venture today.

Key Points

  • Merch by Amazon is perfect for artists and entrepreneurs eager to sell their designs with minimal fuss. With no upfront costs, you gain access to Amazon’s extensive customer base while they handle production, shipping, and customer service.

  • To enhance your application, show a deep understanding of the platform. Ensure your business details are precise and your strategy is well-defined to improve your chances of getting accepted.

  • To maximize earnings, create high-quality designs that align with current trends. Set competitive prices while considering your royalties and costs. Effective promotion, both on Amazon and other platforms, is key to attracting more customers.

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What Can You Achieve with Merch by Amazon?

Merch by Amazon has changed the game for print-on-demand services, making it super easy for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to make money from their creativity. Without worrying about upfront costs or managing stock, creatives can simply focus on what they love most—creating.

With this platform, you just upload your designs, set your product details, and start selling on Amazon—easy as pie! It’s all about making things simple and stress-free.

Plus, think about the reach. Your designs get in front of millions of potential buyers on Amazon. And the best part? Amazon takes care of all the production, shipping, and customer service. You can just concentrate on designing cool stuff and let Amazon handle the nitty-gritty.

How Has Merch by Amazon Changed the Game?

Merch by Amazon has grown incredibly since it started. It began as a way for designers and content creators to sell their stuff without worrying about stock or shipping. Now, it’s not just about t-shirts. You can sell all kinds of clothes and accessories. Merch by Amazon has become a big part of Amazon itself, helping individual designers and Amazon’s massive online store. This growth shows just how much potential there is for anyone selling Merch by Amazon.

What’s in It for Sellers?

Merch by Amazon makes it super easy to start selling. There’s hardly any cost to begin, and you don’t have to handle making products, shipping them, or dealing with customer service—Amazon does all that. Also, your products can be shipped fast through Amazon Prime, making them more attractive to buyers. This can help boost your sales and increase your earnings.

How to Get Your Merch by Amazon Application Approved

Excited to start selling your designs on Merch by Amazon but not sure where to start? Your first move is to create an application that stands out. You’ll need to show off your design skills, ensure your contact info is clear, and demonstrate a good grasp of Merch by Amazon. You can apply with your existing Amazon account or set up a new one. The process is straightforward, so you don’t need to be a tech whiz or a social media star to get through it.

Getting approved can be tough, though. Amazon takes a close look at each application. To boost your chances of success, you should:

  • Prove you understand Merch by Amazon and who it’s for.
  • Highlight your experience with design.
  • Provide clear and complete business contact details.
  • Explain clearly how you plan to use the platform.

It might sound intimidating, but with the right approach, you can put together an application that will get you approved to start selling.

Tips for a Strong Application

To make a great impression with your Merch by Amazon application, show them what you’ve got. Talk about your past design projects or collaborations. If you’ve sold designs on other print-on-demand platforms, mention this—it shows you know what sells.

Also, make your design skills shine by including links to your work on other POD sites or your personal portfolio. Remember, this application is your chance to make a good first impression.

Common Reasons for Application Rejection and How to Avoid Them

Knowing what might get you rejected can help you steer clear of pitfalls when filling out your application. Often, applications are turned down because they lack detailed information about the applicant’s background or their plans for using Merch. Amazon wants to see that you’ve thought this through.

Another frequent mistake is not giving clear business contact information, like your full name and correct bank details if you’re applying as an individual. By avoiding these common errors, you’ll increase your chances of a smooth approval process.

How to Design Top-Selling Merch 

Once you’re part of Merch by Amazon, it’s time to let your creativity flow. Here’s how to create designs that not only look great but also sell well:

  • Make sure your designs grab the attention of your target audience and adhere to Amazon’s design guidelines.
  • Use tools like Adobe Illustrator and keep your projects in RGB color mode to ensure your prints appear vibrant and clear. Remember, the maximum file size for your designs should not exceed 25MB.

Creating designs isn’t only about making them look good. It’s also about understanding what’s popular in the market and targeting specific groups of customers. By looking at how many listings there are for certain items and what keywords people are using, you can figure out what themes and styles are currently popular on Merch by Amazon. This information can help you make designs that really connect with your audience and stand out in a crowded market.

How Can You Meet Amazon’s Design Guidelines 

Making sure your designs follow Amazon’s rules is key to doing well on the platform. Every design you submit has to follow Amazon’s Content Policy. This means you must avoid breaking copyright or design laws to keep your designs from being rejected and your account suspended or closed.

It’s important to center your designs correctly, both visually and mathematically. A good tip is to order a sample of your design before selling it on the platform so you can see how the final product looks.

How Can You Identify Market Trends 

Going with the flow can work in your favor in the print-on-demand world. Spotting trends and specific niches is smart for your Merch by Amazon business. By looking at how many listings there are for certain designs and what keywords are popular, you can learn what themes and styles are hitting it off in the Merch community.

Current trends show a move towards:

  • Socially conscious merchandise
  • Inclusive merchandise
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Mental health and wellness

These trends are gaining popularity globally, attracting hundreds of millions of people.

Choosing the Right Products to Sell

After you’ve nailed down your design skills, the next big step is figuring out which products to make and sell. This part involves getting a good grasp of what customers want and what’s selling well. You can use tools like Amazon’s Best Sellers list and the Product Opportunity Explorer tool to see what’s hot.

These tools help you track customer interest, read reviews, and examine ratings and search volumes for different Merch by Amazon products. This information will help you decide what kinds of items you might want to design.

Product Opportunity Explorer tool

Merch by Amazon lets you choose many different items to design, like T-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases. Each product type has its own ups and downs regarding demand and how well it sells. For example, simple text T-shirts are really competitive, but they sell consistently, especially if they match the latest trends. By understanding these things, you can make smarter choices about which products to focus on to help your business succeed.

It’s crucial to know what products people want to buy on Merch by Amazon. Keeping an eye on the Amazon Best Sellers list and using the Product Opportunity Explorer tool can show you which products are trending and what customers prefer.

For instance, if you find out that text-only T-shirts typically sell for around $19, you can understand what customers expect to pay in this category.

Also, offering a variety of products for each design and aiming for niche markets can really broaden your product range and boost your sales all year round.

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Creative and Marketable Designs

Designing for Merch by Amazon is about finding the perfect balance between being creative and making designs that sell. You want your designs to be original and show off your creativity, but they also need to connect with buyers and make sales. A good way to do this is by focusing on current trends or specific interests that aren’t too common.

Also, using feedback from customer reviews can help you tweak your designs and keep them fresh and appealing.

Setting the Right Prices for Your Merch

The price you set affects how much you sell and earn. You need to choose prices that customers like and also give you a good profit margin. Merch by Amazon pays you royalties ranging from 12% to 37%, which should be a big part of your pricing strategy. 

When setting prices for your products on Merch by Amazon, think about your competitors. Different sellers use different strategies, like pricing lower than others to get more reviews or setting higher prices for well-known brands. You might also adjust your prices based on your products’ popularity or price them just a bit below the average to stay competitive.

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Effective Promotion Tactics Inside and Outside Amazon

Promoting your products is key to boosting your sales on Merch by Amazon. Here’s what successful sellers often do:

  • Keeping your offerings fresh helps maintain customer interest.
  •  Don’t shy away from showcasing your products.
  • Use these events to your advantage, creating relevant products that can go viral.
  • Stay active on the platform to enhance your sales strategy.

Remember, both on and off Amazon, external promotion is equally important.

Using Social Media for Visibility

Social media is a powerhouse for boosting your visibility and sales. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can help you reach a broad audience. You can use these platforms to build a loyal following and engage directly with potential customers.

For example, Merch by Amazon provides tools to easily create promotional posts for Facebook and Twitter right from their portal.

Additionally, offering special promo codes on social media can draw in new and repeat customers, enhancing your sales.

Expanding Reach Beyond Amazon

While Amazon is a great platform, expanding your marketing efforts outside of it can lead to even greater sales. Using digital platforms like your own website or blog, as well as engaging in influencer marketing, can significantly increase the visibility of your products. Influencers with engaged audiences can particularly help propel your items into the spotlight.

Moreover, tools like Amazon Coupons and Social Media Promo Codes can attract customers with enticing deals.

How Do You Manage Sales and Inventory on Merch by Amazon?

As you begin your journey selling on Merch by Amazon, it’s essential to get comfortable with how to track your sales and manage your inventory.

The Amazon Merch Dashboard is a great tool that gives you a detailed look at your royalties and how your products are doing. This dashboard is super helpful because it lets you upload new designs, create products, and see how your sales are doing in real-time. By using these analytics, you can see which of your products are hits and which might need more tweaking.

The Amazon Merch Dashboard

Keeping Your Store Fresh

Staying on top of your inventory and keeping your designs fresh and high-quality is key to keeping those sales coming. As you hit certain sales targets, you’ll move up in Amazon’s tier system, which lets you manage more designs and offer more variety in your shop. This is great because it means you can keep expanding and giving your customers more of what they love.

The Amazon dashboard shows you how your items stack up against others with a feature called the Best Sellers Rank (BSR). This can give you a good idea of where your products stand in the market and help you figure out how to make them even more successful.

How Can You Grow Your Merch by Amazon Business?

As your business on Merch by Amazon starts to pick up, it’s time to consider scaling up. This means adding more products and making your operations smoother to handle more sales. You can make the most of the good conditions within the Merch by Amazon community by offering more products.

You can add new items like:

  • hoodies
  • phone cases
  • PopSockets
  • stickers

As you hit certain sales targets, Amazon lets you manage more designs, which means you can offer even more products. 

How Can You Grow Your Merch by Amazon Business

Making Your Operations Smoother

To scale up, you also need to streamline how you manage production, shipping, and customer service.

Luckily, Amazon helps a lot with this by taking care of production, shipping, and customer interactions, which takes a big load off your shoulders. It’s also smart to keep an eye on your sales and designs, cutting out products that aren’t selling well so you can focus more on the ones that do.

How Do You Protect Your Designs on Merch by Amazon?

Running a successful Merch by Amazon business means handling intellectual property rights correctly. This involves protecting your own designs and ensuring you don’t accidentally use someone else’s copyrighted material.

It’s crucial to understand that you need proper rights to use any third-party content in your designs, product names, descriptions, and even your brand name. 

If you’re inspired by something, like a movie or a famous artwork, you need to have the right licenses before you create any related merchandise.

Taking Steps to Protect Your Work

You need to be proactive. Use the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) database to ensure your designs don’t infringe on anyone else’s trademarks. Tools like PODLY’s Trademark Checker or certain browser plugins can also help you spot potential issues before they become problems.

Adapting to Amazon’s Evolving Policies

Amazon continually adapts its policies, like the recent introduction of design-based tiers that let you use a single design across different products and regions without it counting multiple times against your tier limit. This change offers more flexibility but requires you to keep your product details accurate and in line with Amazon’s guidelines.


In short, Merch by Amazon is a fantastic way for designers, artists, and entrepreneurs to earn money from their creativity. There’s a lot to learn, from getting to know the platform and getting your application approved to creating great designs, choosing which products to sell, pricing them right, and promoting them. However, you can succeed if you keep up with Amazon’s updates, protect your designs, and manage your sales and stock well. 

Why not start your journey today and show the world what you can do?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Merch by Amazon?

Merch by Amazon is a service that lets designers and entrepreneurs create and sell their own custom merchandise on Amazon. It’s a great way for creatives to promote their designs and reach more people.

How can I get approved to sell on Merch by Amazon?

To get approved, be sure to highlight your design experience, provide clear contact details, and show that you understand how the platform works. A strong application is key to starting off right.

What kind of products can I sell on Merch by Amazon?

You can sell various products, like t-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases. There are loads of options!

How can I promote my products on Merch by Amazon?

To get your products noticed, keep adding new items, promote yourself, use social media effectively, and consider using Amazon’s promotional tools like Coupons and Social Media Promo Codes. These methods can help boost your visibility and sales.

How can I protect my designs on Merch by Amazon? Make sure your designs don’t infringe on anyone else’s rights, and stay proactive by regularly checking trademarks and keeping an eye on new registrations. This helps keep your designs safe and your business smooth.



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