How Do I Optimize for Total ACOS Goals in Amazon Advertising? (Classic) [The PPC Den Podcast]

How Do I Optimize For Total ACOS Goals In Amazon Advertising? (Classic) [The PPC Den Podcast]


Destaney Wishon from BetterAMS talks about the all-important Total ACOS metric that everyone loves (and loves to hate 😈). Although crucial to Amazon’s Advertising success, tackling Total ACOS can often be misunderstood. In this episode, Michael and Destaney dive into the factors that influence Total ACOS, provide tips for setting specific goals related to Total ACOS, and explain why bid optimization is the secret sauce that ties it all together. 

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Disclaimer: This episode originally went live in September 2021. The taco giveaway is closed. (Sorry!)

Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 What to expect in this episode
  • 1:50 Small talk: To Prosper or Not to Prosper?
  • 3:50 TACOS party 🌮
  • 7:16 Why is Total ACOS the most important metric?
  • 8:25 How do I determine my Total ACOS Goal?
  • 11:50 What factors influence Total ACOS?
  • 14:21 T’was the summer of rising CPCs
  • 19:20 What to do with your organic listing now
  • 22:12 What’s brand halo got to do with your TACOS?
  • 24:52 Do we care about TACOS per product?
  • 27:14 Lowering TACOS With Only PPC
  • 31:20 What factors contribute to overall goals?
  • 34:16 Strategy: Decrease spend & CPC
  • 37:41 Your homework: Ask questions!

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