What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

In this article, Ad Badger delves deeper into what Amazon Brand Registry is. Amazon’s Brand Registry is a helpful service that makes it easier for brand owners to protect and manage their trademarks on Amazon. Launched in May 2017, this program helps prevent counterfeit products and ensures brands are represented correctly.

Available in countries like the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and several European nations, the Brand Registry provides tools to help brand owners control their product listings and improve their marketing on Amazon.

By joining this program, sellers get special access to features that help them manage their brands better and keep them safe from imitation. Additionally, the Brand Registry offers advanced search tools, which allow sellers to find and report violations through image or text searches.

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What is Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Imagine having a powerful tool that helps your brand stand out and stay protected on Amazon. This is what the Amazon Brand Registry offers. It’s a special program that acts as a shield for your brand, helping you fight off fake products and remove counterfeit listings. This keeps your brand looking good to your customers.

With Brand Registry, you become part of a group of sellers with access to extra tools and support to keep your products safe from marketplace issues. Over 130,000 brands have already joined this program, enjoying the protection it offers and using it to tell their unique brand stories. However, there are still some questions that need to be clarified about what this program offers.

3 steps for registering a brand on Amazon

Joining the Amazon Brand Registry is like giving your brand extra protection for free—although getting a trademark, which you need to join, might cost money. The registry ensures that only sellers who really own their brands can sell under that brand name on Amazon. This helps your brand remain strong and secure among Amazon’s vast offerings.

What Do You Need to Qualify for Amazon’s Brand Registry?

To join Amazon’s Brand Registry, you need to meet certain requirements. The main requirement is having an active registered trademark or a trademark application filed through Amazon’s IP Accelerator. This trademark, which can be text or an image with text, letters, or numbers, should be registered in a country where Amazon’s Brand Registry operates.

Your trademark should also be displayed on your products or packaging, showing it’s yours. As the trademark owner, you must apply for the Brand Registry yourself, but once you’re in, you can add authorized agents to help manage your brand.

Amazon will check that you are the trademark’s rightful owner by sending a verification code to a contact who meets their strict standards. This code must be returned to Amazon to finish your enrollment.

How Important Is It to Register Your Trademark for Amazon’s Brand Registry?


Before joining Amazon’s Brand Registry, you must have your brand trademark officially registered. This is a crucial step for protecting your brand on Amazon. The registry accepts trademarks that are text-based or have an image with text, letters, or numbers. In the United States, you can even join with a pending trademark application.

Getting a trademark can take at least a year, so patience is important. Your trademark in your application must exactly match the name on your products, and any image trademarks must reflect your official trademark.

Amazon accepts trademarks registered in specific countries, including the USA, Canada, and the European Union. If you have a WIPO-registered trademark, you must provide the registration number from your country’s trademark office.

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How Do You Start with Amazon Brand Registry?

To start with Amazon’s Brand Registry, you must first access Amazon using your existing Seller or Vendor Central login. If you’re new to Amazon, you must create an account specifically for this purpose. Once you’re logged in, prepare the necessary information, such as your brand name, trademark registration number, and photos showing your trademark on your products or their packaging.

Next, you will need to define the scope of your brand by specifying the product categories where your brand will be listed. Amazon will then send you a verification code to confirm your identity. You must return this code to them to complete the verification process.

How Do You Start with Amazon Brand Registry

After you have submitted all the required details, Amazon typically takes about two weeks to review and confirm if you’ve been successfully added to the Brand Registry. This step is crucial as it grants you access to all the protective features and management tools offered by the Brand Registry to help you safeguard and enhance your brand on Amazon.

What Are the Key Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

Joining the Amazon Brand Registry offers several significant benefits for brand owners. First, it gives you better control over your product listings, allowing you to present your brand exactly how you want. This control helps ensure that your brand story and product information are conveyed accurately to customers.

Another major advantage is stronger brand protection. The Brand Registry safeguards against counterfeit products, helping to keep fake listings off the market and protecting your brand’s reputation.

Additionally, the Brand Registry provides exclusive advertising opportunities. These allow you to reach more customers and engage them in new and effective ways.

These benefits enhance your ability to manage and protect your brand on Amazon, ultimately helping to grow your business and ensure customer trust.

Pros of Amazon Brand Registry

What Are the Benefits of Improved Listing Control and Content in Amazon’s Brand Registry?

When you join Amazon’s Brand Registry, you get complete control over your product listings. This means you can ensure your brand’s story is told accurately without unwanted changes from others. Often, without such control, others might change your listings, which can mess up your brand’s image.

With the Brand Registry, you can access tools like A+ Content. This allows you to enhance your listings with custom modules and lifestyle images directly appealing to your customers. You can use A+ Content to add detailed text and images, creating a richer, more engaging story about your products. This exclusive tool helps you highlight what’s unique about your brand and capture customer interest effectively.

What Does Strengthened Brand Protection Mean in Amazon’s Brand Registry?

When you join, you gain strong protection for your brand. This includes advanced tools that use machine learning to find and stop potential threats to your brand, like counterfeit products and trademark violations. Features like ‘Report a Violation’ and search tools that use images, keywords, or ASINs help you spot and deal with these issues.

Report a Violation

The Brand Registry also offers ongoing support through a global network of teams that handle intellectual property infringement claims. Plus, you have access to a real-time dashboard to watch over your brand protection activities, ensuring your brand stays safe.

What Exclusive Advertising Opportunities Does Amazon’s Brand Registry Offer?

When you join Amazon’s Brand Registry, you unlock exclusive advertising opportunities tailored to your brand. This includes Sponsored Brands ads, which help increase your brand’s visibility by prominently showcasing your logo and products to Amazon’s vast audience. These ads function on a pay-per-click model, attracting only the most interested customers to your store or specific product listings.

Additionally, Amazon Live Creator offers a platform where you can engage with customers in real-time, demonstrating your products in an interactive manner that stands out amidst regular product listings. Another key feature is Amazon Stores, which allows you to create a multi-page store that fully represents your brand, all within Amazon’s shopping environment, without any extra costs. These tools provide powerful ways to enhance your brand’s presence and customer engagement on Amazon.

What Are the Benefits of Using Brand Analytics in Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Brand Analytics is a powerful tool in the Amazon Brand Registry that gives you a clear view of how your brand is doing and offers insights on improving. It helps you understand different aspects of your brand’s performance, including:

  • How your products perform in searches
  • What customers are searching for when they find your products
  • How often customers come back to buy your products again
  • Who your customers are (their demographics)
  • The most popular search terms related to your brand
  • Which products are commonly bought together with yours

Using Brand Analytics, you can access detailed data and analytics to optimize your product listings, enhance your brand’s visibility, and increase sales. This tool helps you make informed decisions about your products and marketing strategies by analyzing customer data through your brand dashboard.

How Do Amazon’s Anti-Counterfeit Programs Maintain Brand Integrity?

Amazon’s Brand Registry includes several programs designed to protect your brand and fight counterfeiting:

  1. Project Zero. This program uses automated protections and gives brands tools to remove counterfeit listings. To join, brands need a government-registered trademark to show they can accurately report infringements.
  2. Transparency. This program helps brands stop counterfeits by placing unique codes on products. Customers can use these codes to check if a product is genuine.
  3. Counterfeit Crimes Unit. This dedicated team investigates counterfeit activities and takes legal action against counterfeiters.

These programs strengthen your brand’s defenses, ensuring its reputation stays clean in the marketplace. Transparency provides item-level authentication, which customers can verify using the Transparency App. This includes protection at the ASIN level within Amazon’s fulfillment centers. The Counterfeit Crimes Unit works with law enforcement to remove counterfeit listings and support the Brand Registry’s efforts, successfully reducing infringement notices and blocking many counterfeit attempts.

How Do You Transfer or Update Brand Ownership on Amazon?

If you need to transfer or update your brand’s ownership on Amazon, the Brand Registry makes this process straightforward. The roles within the Brand Registry—such as Rights Owner, Administrator, and Registered Agent—each have specific responsibilities. To transfer brand ownership, you’ll need the email address associated with the Brand Registry account, the current Rights Owner’s email, and the name of the brand enrolled in the Brand Registry.

To complete the transfer, the original brand owner must add the new owner’s email to the Brand Registry. This action allows the new owner to manage the brand, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity for the brand’s future leadership.

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What Can You Expect When Selling on Amazon Without Brand Registry?

Selling on Amazon without enrolling in the Brand Registry means you won’t have access to the protections and tools that could help boost your brand. Without the Brand Registry, you may face more challenges in maintaining your brand’s value, as it could be affected by low-quality knockoffs, which can erode customer trust and loyalty.

With the benefits of the Brand Registry, your products might achieve their full potential due to the risk of counterfeit listings. This can make it harder to manage how your brand is seen and how much control you have over your product listings.


Amazon’s Brand Registry is valuable for those looking to strengthen their brand. It offers control, protection, and opportunities for growth within Amazon’s marketplace. As we conclude this overview of the Brand Registry, use the information you’ve learned to guide your brand towards surviving and thriving on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program that gives brands more control over their product listings and helps protect their intellectual property. It aims to enhance and empower brands on Amazon.

Who can join the Amazon Brand Registry?

To join the Amazon Brand Registry, you need an active registered trademark or a pending application through Amazon IP Accelerator. Your trademark should be visible on your products or packaging and registered in a country where the program is available.

How does Amazon Brand Registry protect my brand?

Amazon Brand Registry uses advanced machine learning and proactive measures to prevent counterfeit listings. It also offers exclusive advertising opportunities and tools to handle trademark violations, helping to maintain your brand’s integrity and presence in the market.

Is there a cost to join the Amazon Brand Registry?

Joining the Amazon Brand Registry is free, but you may incur expenses related to obtaining a trademark registration, which can vary based on your location and the type of trademark.

How long does it take to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry?

The enrollment process for Amazon Brand Registry typically takes about two weeks. This includes a step where Amazon verifies your application using a code they send you.



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