The Complete Guide To Evergreen Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategies

There are tons of Amazon advertising campaign strategies, and it’s easy to get paralysis by analysis if you try to implement them. Or worse, waste time and money trying them all out to see what works for you.

Instead of you throwing everything at the Amazon advertising campaigns wall to see what sticks, how about we give you the evergreen Amazon advertising campaign strategies that ALWAYS work? That should save you some time and money!

The five evergreen Amazon Advertising campaign strategies we recommend:

In this article, Ad Badger’s Michael Facchin and Noemi Bolojan from ScaleWave explore evergreen Amazon advertising campaign strategies and how you can use them to improve visibility and generate more sales on Amazon.

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    The Protect Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy

    When starting on Amazon, your brand recognition will be relatively low. A common mistake most sellers make is thinking their brand name will remain that way for long. But, as your business gains traction, other sellers will start targeting your brand name in their campaigns to hijack your traffic.

    The Protect Amazon Advertising campaign strategy helps you protect your brand and box out the competition from bidding on your keywords and showing up on your Amazon product page.

    Protecting your brand name isn’t generally expensive in terms of CPC, but it depends on your brand recognition, competition, and branded keywords rank. You’ll be targeting your own ASINS, branded keywords, and brand name. If you have low brand recognition, there will be low competition for your keywords, and the CPC cost won’t be high.

    For example, if you’re Nike and want to protect your brand, you’d bid on the term “Nike.” Ideally, you’d want to have this term in exact match, broad match, and phrase match campaigns, all in separate campaigns.

    Another thing worth noting is that the Protect campaign strategy should always be in place. Some people may think this is overkill and a waste of money, but we disagree.

    “The Protect campaign strategy is an insurance policy, and you don’t need insurance once you crash the car. You need it beforehand.”

    You can’t start defending a castle when the enemy has already stormed it. You want to protect it so that the enemy doesn’t even get close to it in the first place. The same thing applies to your Protect campaigns. Start defending your brand name early before other sellers try to grab a piece of your brand name pie.

    The Conquer Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy

    Amazon is essentially a battlefield for sellers; your sole objective on a battlefield is conquest. The Conquer campaign strategy is the battle strategy that helps you get a leg up on your competition. This works because you target your competitor’s ASINs and listings so your product appears on their product pages.

    For example, if you’re Nike, you’d target competitors like Puma and Adidas, so your product shows up when shoppers search for their products or view their product pages.

    The Conquer campaign strategy helps you identify new profitable keywords and products that generate sales at a relatively low ACOS. It also paints a vivid picture of the importance of the Protect campaign strategy. If you’re not protecting your brand, someone will take your customers from you.

    The Rank Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy

    Ranking campaigns help you take charge of your exact match keywords to get more organic visibility on the first page of Amazon search results.

    Here, you’ll be targeting keywords that resonate with your product, whether broad or exact, with the CPC cost ranging from low to high based on the keywords you’re targeting. The broader the match, the higher the search volume, the higher the CPC cost, and vice versa.

    For example, if you’re selling black running shoes, “running shoes” is a broad match keyword and will probably have a higher CPC cost than “black running shoes for women,” which is more specific.

    The Dominate Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy

    The Dominate and Rank campaign strategies may seem similar, but, they’re not. Like Ranking, the Dominate strategy aims to take charge of the exact match keywords to increase organic visibility.

    The difference is a Ranking strategy is more of a short-term strategy to get more eyeballs on your products and brand. On the other hand, the Dominate campaign strategy is a long-term game to gain complete dominance for a single keyword, no matter the cost.

    For a Ranking campaign, the metrics are the ad spend, ACOS, and the number of orders you get from the campaign. 

    For a Dominating campaign, you’re bidding for a position. Your goal is to become position one for a particular keyword, regardless of ad spend and the ACOS.

    Rank and Dominate Amazon advertising campaign strategies go hand-in-hand. For Ranking, you’ll target long-tail keywords, while for Dominate campaigns, you’ll go for a more specific keyword.

    The Discover Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy

    A Discover campaign strategy is what you’d call a mining operation for keywords. It helps you discover keywords that customers use to find your products on Amazon search.

    Let’s say you’ve started an auto-match, broad match, or phrase-match Amazon advertising campaign. At the end of the month, you’ll pull a search term report and migrate everything that worked well into an exact match campaign. The campaigns you run to find these converting keywords are what we’d refer to as Discovery campaigns.

    The idea is to cast a wide targeting net where you bid on many keywords, then take the newly discovered profitable keywords and add them to your other campaigns.

    In terms of CPC, Discovery campaigns are inexpensive. But they don’t offer precise targeting, so they should be used together with the Rank campaign strategy.

    Which Evergreen Amazon Advertising Campaign Strategy Will You Implement First?

    These evergreen Amazon advertising campaign strategies can be the saving grace for people struggling with Amazon advertising and the rocket fuel that boosts results for people getting decent results with Amazon advertising.

    Start implementing these evergreen strategies today, and remember to combine them to compound your Amazon advertising results.

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