Amazon Marketing Services: Product Display Ads

Last week, I wrote about Headline Search Ads inside Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and this week I’ll continue with the types of ads inside AMS. This week let’s talk Product Display Ads.

An example of where you would create Product Display Ads in Amazon Marketing Services.
Let’s get it.

Quick Reminders

Unless you have some Amazon PPC experience, you may not know the difference between Seller Central vs Vendor Central on Amazon, Amazon Marketing Services vs Seller Central Ads, or what Amazon Marketing Services is.

That’s okay, just read up and get educated!

Why Use Product Display Ads in Amazon Marketing Services?

Product Display Ads can boost visibility for individual products by linking to an Amazon product detail page and can target your competitor’s products. Product Display Ads are all about targeting similar products, relevant categories, or interest groups. Product Display Ads can only be created by vendors in AMS.

Where Do Product Display Ads Live?

A little bit of everywhere. Product Display Ads can appear on:

  • Product Detail Pages on Desktop and Mobile
  • Search Results Pages
  • Customer Review Pages
  • Top of the Offer Listing Pages
On this adult onesie product page, you can see a Product Display Ad under the product description by Emolly Fashion.

Product Display Ads are not to be confused with related items like “Frequently bought together” products.” Ads on Amazon usually have a star rating and notes if they’re Prime eligible or not.

Creating Product Display Ads

Like all Amazon PPC ads, there are many strategies you can take. Just allow yourself time to test out strategies to see what works.

Talking to Andrew Maffettone of Seller’s Choice, he suggested experimenting with one ASIN and hitting your ACoS before changing anything. “When we do Product Display Ads for our Amazon sellers we like to take one ASIN and create a campaign targeting competitors ASINs. As we optimize and get the ACoS within our target, we add more and more competitors. After a while, we’ll create more campaigns based on complementary products. So, if we’re selling belts I may create a Product Display Ad campaign directed at jeans”.

I recommend choosing Product Display Ads for ASINs you know are going to sell, brand new products you are launching, or ones you really want to get rid of. The safest bet is to take your best selling product and put it up against your competitor’s products, equipped with copy and images that highlight different features than their product.

Product Display Ads Targeting

There are two ways you can target an audience with Product Display Ads.

Choosing the type of targeting is as easy as clicking a button.

Interest-Based Targeting

Interest-Based Targeting allows sellers to capture an audience by appealing to their broader interests. With this type of targeting, you can select hundreds of individual ASINs or related products where you want your ad to appear. This type of targeting gathers a lower conversion rate because the audience is broader so it would make sense to bid cheaper.

Product-Based Targeting

Product-Based Targeting aims at a narrower group of customers by targeting specific products so you will see a higher conversion rate and a more expensive CPC. Within AMS, you can choose a product to advertise and choose the target products. They can be complementary, similar, or competitor’s products.

After choosing a targeting type, you simply name your campaign, campaign budget, and duration. When creating your Product Display Ads, you will also include a headline, your brand name, and logo. The minimum daily budget is $1 and the minimum cost per click is $.02. Amazon suggests running your campaigns for a month to get a full grasp of the results. 

An ingorgraphic comparing the types of ads within Amazon Marketing Services.
This is a great table to compare and contrast types of ads within AMS. Courtesy of CPC Strategy.

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