What Are 7 Overlooked Seller Central Tools? [The PPC Den Podcast]

What Are 7 Overlooked Seller Central Tools?


Curious about the top tools that transform Amazon selling? In this episode, Michael and Mike Danford from Adverio.io explore seven overlooked Seller Central tools. These tools are great for refining your ads with insights from Search Query Performance, understanding your product costs with skew economics, and finding new possibilities with the Product Opportunity Explorer. Additionally, they’ll discuss managing your brand’s reputation, setting up tailored promotions, and optimizing influencer marketing with Creator Connections.

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 – How did Adverio impact Ad Badger?
  • 2:55 – What tools does Seller Central offer?
  • 4:12 – How can Search Query Performance enhance Amazon advertising?
  • 11:09 – What is skewed economics in Amazon’s context?
  • 15:43 – What is the Product Opportunity Explorer?
  • 19:49 –  How can Market Basket Analysis improve sales?
  • 23:46 – How to manage brand reputation on Amazon?
  • 29:04 – How do brand tailored promotions and coupons work?
  • 33:36 – What are the best practices for Amazon posts?
  • 36:39 – How does Creator Connections facilitate influencer marketing?

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