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Change seems to be the theme of 2020, and the new feature allowing sellers to edit the creative for Sponsored Brand ads is a game-changer (you can also edit headline search ads).  

Gone are the days when adding a new product or changing logos and branding were a nightmare for Amazon advertisers. Now, with a few simple steps a Sponsored Brands ad and Headline Search Ads can be edited and submitted for approval.

Creative Editing: Latest Update to Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads

It’s been a long time coming. Ever since Sponsored Brand ads became a thing, we quickly realized that the inability to edit ads was a problem.

The week of April 20th, Amazon sent an email announcing a new feature that allows sellers to edit the creative of Sponsored Brand ads. With this update, Amazon advertising is far more powerful, and with power comes a great… bag of cash!

With this new campaign manager feature, the following areas can be edited.

  • Products
  • Headline
  • Logos
sponsored brands amazon ppc ad badger
The official announcement from Amazon regarding the ability to change creatives

Sellers will be able to deliver the existing campaign until the edited version is approved.

Amazon has to be very meticulous about rolling out new features, so while we have been asking for this for over a year hopefully this update will rectify every problem with Sponsored Brand ads.

Editing Amazon Sponsored Brands Campaigns

We know what we can change, so let’s look at how to edit Sponsored Brand ads with this new feature.

Steps to make creative edits to your Sponsored Brands ads:

  1. Click on the campaign you want to update in the campaign manager.
  2. Click on the “Creative” tab. The “Creative” tab will display a history of creative versions for the campaign, with a preview of the latest creative.
  3. Click on the “Edit creative” button on the preview toolbar.
  4. Make your edits to the products, headline, or logo.
  5. Submit campaign for review.
sponsored brand ads amazon ppc ad badger
Just click "edit creative" and update the text, logos, or products featured in your ad

The ability to edit an existing Sponsored Brand ad means that sellers will no longer be left with high-performing outdated ads.

For example, we work with a seller who sells a product with two color variations. Their Sponsored Brand ad was performing very well (low CPC and ACOS). We’ve discussed how Amazon ranks ads in a previous post, but essentially ads that perform well over time are rewarded.

Since the creative displays for Sponsored Brands were previously unchangeable, when this seller added a third color variant of their product, they were forced to create a new Sponsored Brand ad

You would think that since this ad was a better representation of the company’s offerings with the exact same logo, headlines, and an additional product the ad would perform better. That isn’t the case. The ad performed significantly worse than the previous iteration because it didn’t have the history of performing well.

Now, with the ability to edit products on your Sponsored Brand ads, sellers won’t have to worry about sacrificing their ad performance when their business changes.

Limitations Of Editing Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads

Of course, we don’t live in a perfect Amazon advertising world and this new feature lacks a key feature that would help sellers edit their ads: A/B testing.

Currently, the only feature in Amazon Advertising’s arsenal that features A/B testing is A+ Content.

The new feature allowing sellers to edit Sponsored Brand ads doesn’t allow sellers to conduct a true A/B test, unfortunately.

The only way to conduct something even close to an A/B test would be switching your Sponsored Brands campaigns on a weekly basis, which would make accuracy a big issue.

There are week to week fluctuations in metrics, even if the ad is exactly the same. If you were to switch a product or a logo for a Sponsored Brand ad from one week to the next, how would you know if the change made the difference and not a regular weekly fluctuation? 

Key Takeaways

The biggest takeaway from this new update is obviously the ability for sellers to edit the creative for their Sponsored Brand ads. This is a game changer and no longer penalizes changes in products, logos, or even a typo in the original ad.

There are some features that we would like to see added (A/B testing), but we are pumped up about the ability to save time, money, and a lot of headache with this rollout of new features.

Let us know how this new ability is helping you and what you’d like to see added!


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