[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 4] The Advanced Basics of Amazon PPC

Join along as Mike and Brett dive into the “advanced basics” of Amazon PPC advertising. Listen in as we discuss theory and strategies that you can implement today. Whether you’re just starting your FBA journey or you’re a seasoned seller with lots of experience; there’s lots of advanced basics to unpack in this episode that can really help transform your campaigns, so don’t miss it!

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Episode Highlights

  • [0:30] Episode Overview
  • [0:52] What’s Mike Been Up To?
  • [2:45] Amazon Advertising News & Holiday Stats
  • [6:52] We’re Hiring PHP Developers
  • [7:57] Advanced Basics
  • [10:55] Sponsored Products
  • [11:41] Auto Campaign (First Thing To Do)
  • [17:16] Manual Campaign (Next Thing To Do)
  • [17:45] RPSB (Research, Peel, Stick, & Block)
  • [22:54] Where To Find Your Winning Search Terms
  • [25:33] Where To Put Your Winning Search Terms
  • [25:53] Campaign Naming & Structure
  • [26:54] Broad vs Phrase vs Exact (Match Types)
  • [28:04] When To Use Broad / Phrase
  • [29:31] RPSB Summary
  • [31:44] Ad Badger App Update

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