[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 46] Amazon SEO — Bridging the Gap with PPC

Amazon SEO — Bridging The Gap With PPC


Amazon SEO - Bridging the Gap with PPC

On today’s episode, Mike & Stephen build a tunnel between Amazon SEO and PPC. They’re breaking down the similarities, differences, and synergies between these two advertising methods. Learn about Amazon ranking factors, keyword strategies, paid advertising intangibles and more. See you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 4:00 We’re hiring at the Badger Den!
  • 6:04 You need paid and organic to thrive
  • 7:17 Beware the keyword dump (and learn more about it on Episode 10)
  • 9:26 ‘Kitchen’ is not a good keyword for ‘kitchen towels’
  • 12:03 Google’s SEO ranking factors
  • 16:03 Aiming for 1 keyword can be highly competitive
  • 18:30 Amazon’s ranking factors – Relevance & Buy-ability
  • 20:21 Discoverability vs. Desirability
  • 22:10 Amazon has a bias for products that earn them more revenue
  • 23:21 Bridging the gap between PPC & organic (Check out Episode 17 for more info)
  • 26:45 Fueling organic growth with PPC data
  • 28:00 The intangible ROIs of paid advertising
  • 31:47 It’s all about ratios, ratios, ratios!
  • 34:11 Check out our PPC automation tool

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