[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 73] Taking Your Amazon Products & Campaigns Global: A Primer

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Have you ever dreamt of turning your Amazon business into a worldwide empire? On today’s show, Kevin from Maximizing E-Commerce sits down with Mike to discuss how to take the first steps toward selling in international markets.

When should you start? How much of a time commitment is selling in different countries? How will international sales affect your taxes and business structure? These questions and more are answered in today’s show!

We’ll see you in the Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 2:20 Intro
  • 2:55 Introducing Kevin from Maximizing E-Commerce
  • 4:35 How COVID-19 is affecting global markets
  • 9:00 How to start selling internationally
  • 13:10 Amazon PPC Managers and international sales
  • 14:30 Selling internationally and PPC
  • 22:10 How Amazon can help you sell in international markets
  • 29:00 Managing your time with international campaigns
  • 32:20 Key takeaways

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Special Thanks

We’d like to thank our podcast editor, James Ede, and our video editor, Pedro Moreno, who always make our media dreams come true. Without them, this would be a heck of a lot more challenging!

We’ve worked with James and Pedro since the beginning and we are proud to have them in our Badger Nation.

Thank you!