How do I Increase My Amazon Market Share? [PPC Den Podcast]


Are you growing, or is the market growing? Mike Frekey of Perch HQ joins Michael this week to share an intermediate to an advanced lesson on determining your Amazon market share, including the level of redirection this provides and what to do with the data you find, which might mean aggressively taking out your competition.

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Intro– 6 years of Amazon Ads
  • 4:20 Experience shaped by agency vs aggregator? 
  • 7:00 Harambe interlude
  • 8:20 What you’re missing if not considering market share/ direction 
  • 15:17 How do you measure market direction?
  • 18:35 How to use Product Opportunity Explorer?
  • 22:28 How do we think about market share?
  • 25:15 How do we measure market share?
  • 32:09 Value to expect from market share analysis 
  • 35:11 Outro– Tom Brady will come back!

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Podcast Credits

Thank you to our team for putting together this episode!

  • Host and Executive Producer: Michael Erickson Facchin
  • Senior Producer: Nancy Lili Gonzalez
  • Video and Audio Editor: Pedro Moreno 
  • Graphic Designer: Emma Walker

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