New Keyword Research Approach: Gain New Clients for Amazon PPC [PPC Den Podcast]


There’s an opportunity to find new customers with new longtail keywords, and to do so you’ll need to know how to conduct the research, perform search term graduation, and also how to test for keyword density. This week, David Khoshpasand from Tinuiti joins Michael to share how he thinks about budgeting and ACOS when it comes to thinking of phrase-match as a research tool.

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Episode Highlights

  • 0:00 Intro– Fresh requests
  • 1:30 David’s background with Amazon Advertising
  • 4:21 Use phrase match as a research tool
  • 9:39 Keyword density tool
  • 13:29 How to verify which terms work well
  • 17:13 Conversations about phrase match performance
  • 19:26 All about Share of Voice
  • 25:40 How to test keyword research yourself
  • 29:14 Tips for excelling as Amazon PPC manager
  • 33:26 “Blue Ocean Strategy”
  • 35:30 Outro– business mindset

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Podcast Credits

Thank you, Michael Erickson Facchin, Nancy Lili Gonzalez, and Pedro Moreno for creating this episode!


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