[PPC Den Podcast Ep. 125] Amazon’s New Sponsored Display Audiences


Amazon Sponsored Display just got a lot more awareness-boosting power with the release of not one, but four new audience types. We’re here to break down what these new Sponsored Display audiences are, whether or not you should use them, and how to integrate them into your existing Amazon Advertising to boost impressions and capture more market share.

We’ll see you in The Badger Den!

Episode Highlights

  • 1:05 Intro
  • 3:28 New Sponsored Display Audiences
  • 11:31 Comparing the New Audiences to DSP and Non-Amazon Upper Funnel Advertising
  • 16:33 Reasons to Use the New Sponsored Display Audiences
  • 21:34 How to Implement New Sponsored Display Audiences
  • 31:03 Closing Thoughts

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